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D-ARIANNA: Digital - Alcohol RIsk Alertness Notifying Network for Adolescents

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D-ARIANNA: Digital - Alcohol RIsk Alertness Notifying Network for Adolescents

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Author/Developer / Address: Giuseppe Carrà, Cristina Crocamo, Francesco Bartoli, Giulia Brambilla, Daniele Carretta, Alessandro Schivalocchi, Stefano Reato, Massimo Clerici; SAYSOON S.r.l.; Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca via Cadore, 48 -20900 Monza (MB), Italy.
Publication dates: May 2014
Description / Type of assessment: A specific questionnaire investigating the domains derived from identified risk/protective factors for binge drinking. User’s answers are implemented in an algorithm, estimating user’s percentage current risk for binge drinking, and providing classification of different risk levels (from low to high), with user-friendly screens. Risk factors that mostly contribute to the overall score are shown in a closing summary message.
Primary use / Purpose: D-ARIANNA provides an evidence based tool to estimate current risk for binge drinking. Binge drinking is common among young people but the relevant risk is not often recognized. 
Domains measured / Life Areas / Problems Assessed: Binge drinking
Population: Adolescents and young adults
Administration / Completion time: 5 minutes
Scoring procedures: -
Scoring time: Digital scoring in real time
Credentials/Training: NA
Source of psychometrics: -
Languages: Italian, English
Terms of use/copyright: University of Milano-Bicocca
Practicability / usefulness: We could produce an evidence-based eHealth app for young people, evaluating current risk for binge drinking. eHealth apps, attractive for young people, may be useful to enhance awareness of this problem. Working with difficult to engage young people experiencing alcohol-related harm may be less difficult using eHealth tools that fit their lifestyles. Also substance use professionals and families could use this novel instrument as a first approach for adolescents and young adults about their alcohol-related behaviors, even before they get involved in dangerous use.


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