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Offer Self-Image Questionnaire - OSIQ

Instrument description
View/download instrument: Offer Self-Image Questionnaire — OSIQ (Italian)
Author/Developer / Address: Daniel Offer, Eric Ostrov, Kennet L. Howard
Publication dates: 1962, revisited version OSIQ-R: D. Offer, M.D., E. Ostrov, J.D., Ph.D., K. I. Howard, Ph.D., and S. Dolan, M.A 1992.
Description / Type of assessment: The OSIQ is a self-descriptive personality test that can be used for measuring the adjustment of teenage boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 19. It contains 130 items (simple statements) to measure adjustment in 11 content areas that are considered important in the psychological world of the teenager. The adolescent is required to indicate how much the single statement fits his description choosing within 6 points according to the Likert scale.
Primary use / Purpose: The OSIQ is a questionnaire designed to assess the personality traits of a person, that can be used to select a group of adolescent who are characterised by a particular range of personality features.
Domains measured / Life Areas / Problems Assessed: Offer Self-Image Questionnaire for Adolescents, measures the personality traits in 5 scales (11 areas):
•    PS-Psychological Self: Impulse Control, Emotional Tone, Body Image;
•    SS-Social Self: Social Functioning, Ethical Values, Vocational Attitudes
•    SX-Sexual Self: Sexuality
•    FS-Familial Self: Family Functioning
•    CS-Coping Self: Self-Confidence, Mental Health, Self-Reliance, Idealism
The OSIQ  is a widely used self-report inventory to measure adjustment and self-image in adolescents (from 13 to 19 years of age). It gives you an accurate picture of how teenagers think and feel about themselves. Originally developed for use with normal adolescents, the scale is also an effective way to identify troubled teenagers.
Population: Adolescents aged 13–19
Administration / Completion time: The test can be completed in approximately 40 minutes.
Scoring procedures: Scoring procedures are specified in the user's manual.
Scoring time: 3–5 minutes
Credentials/Training: Not necessary. See instructions in the manual.
Source of psychometrics: The manual.
Languages: Original language English. The OSIQ has been translated into Italian (see attachment), German, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Croatian, and other languages.
Price: Generally a public authority can use this kind of instrument just by citing the reference and/or asking the permission to the author.
Practicability / usefulness: The Offer Self-Image Questionnaire (OSIQ) is widely used in psychiatry for measuring adolescents' self-image. As the OSIQ is a self-reported questionnaire, it can be easily used for research purpose in a large population such as teenagers attending schools. The OSIQ can be included in larger studies that intend to measure for example drug dependence.


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