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Sensation Seeking Scale - SSS

Instrument description
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Author/Developer / Address: Marvin Zuckerman;
University of Delaware,
Department of Psychology, Newark, DE 19716, USA
E-mail:     zuckerma@udel.edu
Publication dates: First publication: 1971
Description / Type of assessment: The SSS is a 40 items self-administred questionnaire
Primary use / Purpose: This questionnaire is designed to test the tendency towards varied, novel and intense sensations.
Domains measured / Life Areas / Problems Assessed: -
Population: Adolescents
Administration / Completion time: About 15 minutes
Scoring procedures: Scoring procedures are specified in the user's manual.
Scoring time: Hand scoring takes about 2-3 minutes for each questionnaire.
Credentials/Training: Not necessary. See instructions manual.
Source of psychometrics: The manual.
Languages: English, Italian
Price: Some free version of the SSS are available on the web, including the scoring system. We suggest you contact the author for more details and suggestions (Mr.Zuckerman's is provided above).
Practicability / usefulness: In 2001 and 2002 the questionnaire has been included in the ESPAD®Italia survey, with a very good response. As it is a self-reported test it is easy to  manage also in studies involving a large population (i.e. high school students) to measure the propensity to try new intensive experiences. The SSS is composed of 40 items, each of which contains two statements. The respondant has to choose the one which best suits his/her preference.
Instrument name
Sensation Seeking Scale (SSS)
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