Strategy and work programme 2010–12


This work programme ensures that the EMCDDA remains a key resource for Europe — providing high-quality information to underpin effective drug policies and serving as a catalyst for supporting and developing national information systems. The work programme builds on progress made in our existing strategy and is adapted to reflect the changing nature of the European drugs problem. It is both comprehensive and concrete. The overall strategy is based on some core EMCDDA values. These are: to concentrate on the basic information tools necessary for describing the drugs problem and responses to it; to ensure our work delivers maximum value and is relevant to the needs of target audiences; to acknowledge that achievements result from partnership and effective working with others: and most fundamentally of all, that the agency’s worth lies in its impartiality, integrity and scientific rigour.

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Table of contents

  • I. Strategic overview
  • II. Guiding principles
  • III. Keeping communication on target
  • IV. Strategic framwork for monitoring drugs in Europe
  • V. Framework for supporting the achievement of results