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Treatment evaluation instruments

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Displaying instruments where rea of evaluation is Treatment and Target population is Special populations
Instrument Areas of evaluation Aspect being evaluated Target population Language
AIDS Initial Assessment Jail Supplement
Designed to elicit information on AIDS risk behaviours in which the client may have participated while incarcerated
Treatment, Harm reduction Needs and planning Adults, Special populations en
Addiction Severity Index
Designed to provide basic diagnostic information on a client prior, during and after treatment for substance use-related problems, and for the assessment of change in client status and treatment outcome.
Treatment Outcome, Needs and planning Adults, Special populations en, ru, pt, da, sv, pl, nl, lt
Alcohol Dependence Scale
ADS provides a quantitative measure of the severity of alcohol dependence symptoms
Treatment Outcome, Needs and planning Special populations en, cs
Drug Use Disorders Identification Test Extended - DUDIT-E
The DUDIT-E maps the frequency of illicit drug use, the positive and negative aspects of drug use, and treatment readiness.
Treatment, Prevention Needs and planning Adolescents, Adults, Special populations en, fr, de, ru, pt, da, no, sv, fi, hu
Euro Adolescent Drug Abuse Diagnosis (Euro-ADAD)
Euro-ADAD was designed to assess substance use and other life problems, to assist with treatment planning, and to assess changes in life problem areas and severity over time.
Treatment, Prevention Needs and planning Adolescents, Special populations en, sv, hu, nl
Evaluation Questionnaire of the Services in the Family Program
Designed to assess the degree clients' satisfaction with their first contact with the program and the assistance and support gained from the sessions, the activities and the services of the program.
Treatment Process Special populations el


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