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Blood Borne Virus Transmission Risk Assessment Questionnaire - BBV-TRAQ

Author/Developer / Address:

Fry C, Rumbold G, Lintzeris N (1998). The Blood-Borne Virus Transmission Assessment Questionnaire. Administration and Procedures Manual. Melbourne, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre Inc.

For questions regardingthe Lithuanian version of this instrument please contact Emilis Subata

For questions regardingthe Czechversion of this instrument please contact Alena Trojackova

Description / Type of Assessment:


The BBV-TRAQ assesses the frequency with which injecting drug users have participated in specific injecting, sexual and other risk-practices in the previous month that may expose them to blood-borne viruses.

Primary use / Purpose:


The BBV-TRAQ provides a total risk score and scores for each of the three sub-scales. The instrument consists of two item types, specific risk-practice items and protective practice items. The

Domains measured / Life Areas / Problems Assessed:


The instrument consists of 34 questions that make up three sub-scales measuring frequency of current injecting risk behaviours (20 questions), sexual risk behaviours (8 questions) and other skin penetration risk behaviours (6 questions).

Completion time


BBV-TRAQ requires between 10 to 15 minutes to complete



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