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Rapid Assessment and Response Methods

Authors:  Braam, R. (r.braam@drugresearch.nl), Verbraek, H. (h.verbraeck@drugresearch.nl), Trautmann, F. (ftrautmann@trimbos.nl).

See also the WHO site on Rapid Assessment and Response

RAR (Rapid Assessment and Response) Methods is not a single instrument, but rather a set of different qualitative tools which are useful for prevention planning (and intervention planning in general), especially for selective prevention with specific groups at risk. In these situations, it might often be difficult to apply the commonly used (semi) quantitative questionnaire-based evaluation and assessment methods.
The RAR tool box offers alternative approaches, mostly in the form of observation and discussions grids, but also structured interview guidelines.
RAR helps to get fast information on cultural interpretations and meanings, on viewpoints of  Communities, and on needs of vulnerable groups. Several existing data source are additionally used for triangulation. These data are good for needs assessment as well as for giving more meaning to process and outcome evaluations. Time for training and development is however needed.

The RAR tools have been developed at the Trimboos Institute (Netherlands) by Braam, Verbraeck and Trautmann and have been used for example in the European research project SEARCH on immigrants and asylumseekers. The projects and descriptions of the sub-projects in the participating EU countries can be accessed at http://www.lwl.org/LWL/Jugend/KS/Projekte_KS1/Projekte_KS2/Search/search_english/index2_html

This EIB-package on RAR provides 4 files for downloading:
1) the RAR manual, which gives an introduction and the contextual information on RAR methods and how to use the tools. Here you find also the scientific references to the method and related studies.
2) a zip-file with the related observation and discussion grids, which are referred to in the Manual.
3)  a questionnaire for a structured interview
4) a questionnaire for a semi-structured structured interview

The latter two are also contained in the .zip-files but could - contrary to those - be used independently.

Manual and instruments
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RAR Grids (Zip-file, 248 kB)
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RAR questionnaire for structured Interview
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RAR questionnaire for semi-structured Interview
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Instruments in Hungarian
Rapid Assessment and Response Guide on Injecting Drug Use
Based on WHO’s RAR guide: World Health Organization, Substance Abuse Department (1998) The Rapid Assessment and Response Guide on Injecting Drug Use (Eds. G.V.Stimson, C.Fitch and T.Rhodes).  

Contact person: József Rácz raczj@axelero.hu.

Assessment modules
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Instrument including grids
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