Work programme 2008


The EMCDDA 2008 work programme is the second annual work plan to implement the objectives identified in the broader 2007–2009 strategy and work programme, and provides the operational details of the activities planned for 2008. Within the general road map provided by the three-year strategy, it is necessary to refine actions to take into account new circumstances as they arise. The recast of the EMCDDA founding regulation requires activities to be reviewed to ensure the organisation is on course to meet new demands and expectations. In this context, this work programme gives emphasis to: better implementation of the key indicators; more focus on understanding polydrug problems; the establishment of more timely information systems; and the dissemination of good practices.

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Core business – monitoring and reporting on the drugs phenomenon
  • Supporting activities – improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Technical cooperation with candidate and third countries
  • Potential risk factors