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'Agia Skepi':Long term therapeutic community for adult drug users.

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Initial situation

In the early 1990, heroin users resorted to the Machaira Monastery (a convent monastery of Cyprus) for support. The involvement of the drug users in the convective life of the monastery began to reveal positive results. At the same time, the social perception related to substance abuse was characterized by denial. Further, the availability of drug treatment programmes targeting adult long term polydrug users was very limited. In the early 1990's only a detoxification unit and outpatient programme accepting adult drug users existed. Thus, the numerous requests for assistance by drug users the monastery received as well as the limited drug treatment availabilty emphasized the necessity of creating a Therapeutic Community based on an inpatient setting; a programme combining the convent model with cognitive-behavioral theory.

Basic assumptions/theory

The intervention is mainly based on the theoritical assumption of the Therapeutic Community and social learning theory. The well-structured Community assists its members in comprehending drug dependency, in motivating the members to change and in finding the best way to achieve change. Further, the group sessions held are based on the cognitive behavioral approach. Motivational interviewing is also applied for new members.

The PDF contains the full intervention description including additional contact information.


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