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Therapeutic Programme NOSTOS: Treatment Phase

Quality level: 1


The programme offers services to the area of Piraeus, the Aegean Islands, Crete and Southern Greece in general. The programme operates on a voluntary basis. Its basic objective is the detoxification and psychological recovery.

Type of intervention:
drug free treatment
Type of approach:
Target group:
Age group:
Annual coverage:
Substances addressed:
cannabis, opiates, alcohol, cocaine and derivatives, inhalants/solvents
Evaluation type:
outcome evaluation, process evaluation
Start date:
End date:

Overall objective

Drug users' physical and psychological recovery (on average 25 persons per year, who are in therapy for 12-14 months).


The "NOSTOS" T.C. is implemented in Piraeus, and its philosophy reflects the KETHEA's principles and experience in drug treatment in Greece. It offers its services to the area of Piraeus, the Aegean Islands, Crete and Southern Greece in general. It was established because these areas faced acute drug problems and their needs could not be met by the existing services. The programme operates on a voluntary basis, is a "drying-out" programme and its basic objective is detoxification and psychological recovery. "NOSTOS" promotes a creative lifestyle, fights passivity and dependencies of every kind, and attempts to restore respect to the individual, the environment and to the Greek seafaring tradition.In accordance with the internal and external evaluation results, the T.C. 'NOSTOS' having the specific therapeutic goals, methods and processes has been proved to be functional and effective in all aspects/indicators.

The PDF contains the full intervention description including additional contact information.


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