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A La Carte Prevention. Interactive Prevention Programme On Risk Reduction

Quality level: 1


A prevention programme for youth centres which addresses risky behaviour and its implication.

Type of intervention:
Type of approach:
Target group:
adults, children/young people
Age group:
Annual coverage:
Substances addressed:
tobacco, cannabis, opiates, alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine and derivatives, amphetamines, methamphetamines, inhalants/solvents
Evaluation type:
outcome evaluation, process evaluation
Start date:
End date:

Overall objective

To promote among Young people the elaboration of responsible and adapted behaviour.


In 1995, AREMEDIA Association launched the "A la carte prevention", a primary prevention project on health risk reduction in several youth centres. This program is based on an interactive software that enables the tool users to retrace their own biography in various possible risk taking situations, thanks to a set of questions and multiple choice answers. The general objective of "Prevention à la carte" is to promote in the reached youngsters an adapted behaviour, at first by getting them aware on their risk behaviours and their implications. The programme must also provide them an one minimum amount support, notably information on health and social services, that can help them to reinforce their individual autonomy, on the basis of the personal strategies. The program is presented like a tool under development that the young (tool users) can contribute to improve. The young people are directed to the telematic tool thanks to a incentive poster or by peers who solicit them to give their opinion on the content of the program and to assess it. The interest of the "Prevention à la carte" approach is to associate a neutral tool of initial contact with the intervention of strategic change agents whose role is to give further information and counselling about the information and "diagnosis" provided for, through the software, to the young people. The professional animators and peers are present so as to establish a more in depth discussion on the themes dealt with by youngsters through the interactive tool. They must also be able to address people who need it to help services. The target population answered to this program very positively since a good acceptability has been recorded: 92% users of the interactive tool that report they have appreciated the general approach of the program. While appraising the prevention tool, the young had an active prevention role that differs from their usual situation of passive recipients most of the prevention programmes.

The PDF contains the full intervention description including additional contact information.


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