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“Drogas: Tu Punto de Información” (Drugs: Your Information Point) is a universal programme intended to prevent alcohol abuse and drugs use among university students

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“Drogas: Tu Punto de Información” (Drugs: Your Information Point) is a universal programme intended to prevent alcohol abuse and the use of other drugs among university students. It also aims to reduce the risks associated with substance abuse. The programme also suggests strategies for self-control and risk minimization. This programme includes: • An information website on alcohol and drugs (www.tupunto.org). This site provides information about the risks of binge drinking, other patterns of alcohol abuse and the use of other drugs. • An e-mail consultation service on drug matters (infodrogas@tupunto.org). • Information and awareness building materials: a series of bookmarks and different posters distributed yearly. These materials are distributed at the participant universities. • An annual students video clips contest on drugs: “Drogas: tu punto de mira” (Drugs: Your Viewpoint). The action aims to promote critical reflection among university students about the risks of drug use and alcohol abuse and to disseminate "peer to peer" preventative messages within the target population. • A bank of audiovisual tools with video clip participants from the yearly contest • A "Peer to Peer" manual. This material suggests methods and activities structured toward wording the content of the winners of each video clip contest to groups of young people. http://www.pdsweb.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Guia-DE_IGUAL_A_IGUAL-web.pdf • A “10 ideas for a good party at college” brochure poses ideas and advice to support cultural activity, fun, responsibility and respect in the organization of fiestas in college. Designed as a support for organizing parties on the campus. http://www.pdsweb.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Decalogo-fiesta-CAST-web.pdf Other data of interest: • Thirty-two Spanish universities are involved in the programme. • 1,016,042 visits to the website of the programme (www.tupunto.org) during the period 2009-2014*. • 473 e-mail consultations during the period 2009-2014*. • 244 participants at the annual video clips on drugs contest of “Drogas: tu punto de mira” (Drugs: Your Viewpoint) in the 1st and 2nd edition of the contest (2012, 2013 and 2014). • 120,077 views of the video clips presented in the 3 contest (2012, 2013 and 2014*). (*) (Data as of September 30, 2014) Summary results of the process evaluation: Internal evaluation carried out in 2006.  The programme is widely accepted by the target population.  87.2% of the 392 students interviewed responded that they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the programme. Some 6.3% reported being indifferent about the programme and only 2.4% expressed opinions contrary to the programme. External evaluation carried out in 2011.  The program had a big impact when compared to other similar programs aimed at broad population groups.  The students interviewed say that the programme’s materials are attractive and functional.  44.2% of the people interviewed claimed to know the bookmarks, and 48.1% knew the posters. Conclusions: Data evaluation process of the programme show the feasibility of the programme actions relative to raising awareness about binge drinking, other patterns of alcohol abuse, and the use of other drugs. The data also confirm that this intervention allows for the dissemination of health messages to a large number of young people at very low cost.

Type of intervention:
Type of approach:
mass media campaign, peer
Target group:
Age group:
students from the participating universities. mainly 18-28 years
Annual coverage:
Substances addressed:
tobacco, cannabis, opiates, alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine and derivatives, amphetamines, methamphetamines
Evaluation type:
evaluation of intervention planning, process evaluation
Start date:
End date:

Overall objective

To provide relevant information about the risks related to alcohol and other drugs and promote critical reflection processes before consumption.


“Drogas: Tu Punto de Información” (Drugs: Your Information Point), is a program intended for university students that provides information about the risks of alcohol abuse and drugs taking. It also aims to enhance critical thinking processes and to suggest self-control and risks minimization strategies. The basic tool of the program is a specific website. It also includes different awareness raising materials (bookmarks, posters, etc.), an on line consultation service, a video clips contest and a bank of audio-visual tools. Thirty-two Spanish universities are involved in the program. During the last five years period (2009-2014) the program website (www.tupunto.org) have had more than 1 million entries.

The PDF contains the full intervention description including additional contact information.


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