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Scientific Project: ChEck iT!

Quality level: 2

Process evaluation

Operational objectives

The programme aims to reach the target group through the provision of a target group adequate on-site service: The combination of outreach social work and chemical analysis of substances directly at rave parties as well as counselling in clubs should allow to reach as many potential users of illegal drugs as possible in order to provide information and counselling in the sense of secondary prevention ("harm reduction").

Process indicators

Pill-Testing: Info about persons (Nr., socio-demographic data etc.) and analysed pills (Nr., type, chemical/toxicological data); Information/Counselling: Nr. of information talks and counselling interviews, socio-demographic data etc; Website: Nr. of visitors, entries on talk base, Nr. of requests; Survey: degree of recognition of ChEckiT!, reasons for visits

Instruments used

Type of instrument Name of instrument
Program specific instruments used (e.g. self-constructed collection instrument)

Outcome evaluation

Evaluation design

pre-post design and comparison group - quasi-experimental

Specific objectives and outcome indicators

Specific objective 1

The programme aims to improve and extend the knowledge of users of synthetic drugs about the effects and legal as well as health risks of consumption by scene specific distribution of objective information.

Outcome indicator 1

Knowledge about drugs and risks of use (Survey in context of the EU-study "Pilltesting - Ecstasy & Prävention 2002")

Specific objective 2

To promote a behavior that is aware of possible risks by stimulation of reflection about the own consumption behavior and the promotion of problem awareness

Outcome indicator 2

Pill-Testing: Consequences of results of test as regard to use Information/Counselling: topics of counselling, types of interventions etc; Website: topics of requests; Survey: Patterns and motives of drug use

Specific objective 3


Outcome indicator 3


Instruments used

Type of instrument Name of instrument
Program specific instruments used (e.g. self-constructed collection instrument)

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