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Open Therapeutic Programme DIAVASSI: Social Reintegration Programme

Quality level: 1


Established in order to cover the professional and wider psychosocial needs of those individuals who have completed the main therapeutic phase of the Open Programme "DIAVASI" (Day and Evening Community). It also covers the need for support of those individuals who have dropped out from other therapeutic.

Type of intervention:
social reintegration
Type of approach:
Target group:
Age group:
Annual coverage:
Substances addressed:
cannabis, opiates, alcohol, cocaine and derivatives, inhalants/solvents
Evaluation type:
outcome evaluation
Start date:
End date:

Overall objective

- Continuation of and consistency in drug users' therapy. - Stability of their change and of their new identity. - Continuation of drug users' smooth social integration.


The Social Rehabilitation Unit of the Open Therapeutic Programme "DIAVASI" addresses mainly the drug users who have already completed the main phase of therapy. The concept of Social Rehabilitation in an Open Therapeutic Programme is obviously differentiated, on the grounds of the fact that those who attend the Programme keep in touch with their environment and they are not isolated from it. Hence, Social Rehabilitation involves the development of the participants' autonomy, the enhancement of their functionality, and their gradual "independence" from their family. Thus, along with abstinence from drug use and delinquency, another important objective of the programme is job finding in order for financial independence to be assured. In addition, the programme provides the opportunity to those who wish to continue their vocational education, which reinforces the participants' possibilities to integrate in the labour market and to cope with its demands (i.e., competition, specialisation, etc). Moreover, those who have dropped out of other therapeutic programmes and they wish to, are provided with individual support in order to complete therapy, as long as they fulfil specific criteria (i.e., abstinence from drug use). According to the evaluation results, the objectives are achieved to a great extent.

The PDF contains the full intervention description including additional contact information.


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