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Multiple Intervention Centre EXELIXIS: Counselling - Treatment Centre

Quality level: 1


A social reintegration programme that focuses on relapse prevention, personal development, vocational guidance and support in developing a new lifestyle.

Type of intervention:
social reintegration
Type of approach:
Target group:
Age group:
Annual coverage:
Substances addressed:
cannabis, opiates, alcohol, cocaine and derivatives, inhalants/solvents
Evaluation type:
outcome evaluation, impact evaluation
Start date:
End date:

Overall objective

To assist ex-drug users with their social integration in terms of abstinence from drug use, occupational rehabilitation and formation of relationships.


The Centre of Social Rehabilitation of the Counselling Therapy Centre of KETHEA started in January 1996 in Athens, aiming at supporting ex-drug users to find an inner balance, provide positive incentives for a new life-style, and assist them in having a smooth social integration. The Centre addresses its services to ex-drug users who although come from and reside in Athens, have chosen to attend the therapeutic programme of the T.C.s ITHAKI (Northern Greece) and EXODUS (Central Greece). This way individuals have the opportunity to undergo therapy away from home and at a later stage to come back to their place of residence and thus to reintegrate into their own environment. Besides, the Centre supports individuals during the after-care phase (follow-up). Also, the Centre provides the opportunity for social rehabilitation for ex-drug users who have completed other therapeutic programmes of KETHEA. The Centre offers the following services: a. individual counselling sessions, b. group sessions, c. family sessions, d. vocational guidance, e. seminars and f. family therapy programme. According to evaluation results, the coverage percentage of the capacity of the Centre is 70%. All of the participants of the Centre establish a new scope of life, by being abstinent from substance use and delinquent behaviour and by developing a network of social support, while they join family sessions in order to re-examine their relations. Moreover, the total number of participants are employed. Finally, the drop-outs rate regarding social rehabilitation has decreased.

The PDF contains the full intervention description including additional contact information.


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