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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Methadone maintenance programme.
Summary: ´Multimodal Centre for Treatment of Drug Dependencies´ (´CTDD´) MMP is a part of the complex multimodal CTDD project, which consists of 16 more or less mutually interconnected programs, where MMP is one of them and targets opiate users.. Patients can select and change the programs according to their needs. Multimodal CTDD can also address more needs of the individual patient in several parallel programs in the same time, e.g. needle provision and methadone maintenance, or methadone maintenance and the in-patient detoxification and treatment for methamphetamine dependence, etc. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Slovakia 2
Title: Needle and syringe dispense programme
Summary: The needle and syringe dispense programme (NDP) at the Centre for Treatment of Drug Dependencies (CTDD), Bratislava,has the aim to provide sterile injection equipment to intravenous drug users in order to decrease injection material sharing that serves as a potential source of transmission of drug-related infection diseases. >>
harm reduction outcome evaluation, process evaluation low threshold service, needle/syringe provision adults Slovakia 1

Displaying results 1–2 of 2 where Country is Slovakia

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