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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Coping Power Programme
Summary: Disruptive behaviour at an early age (middle childhood) is a risk factor for conduct disorder and substance abuse in adolescence. Treating both parents and children may prevent later problems. Parents in the treatment group were treated with manualised behavioural therapy and their children (age 8-13 years) with cognitive-behavioural therapy (less discussions and more activities to suit the short attention span of these children). Parents in the control group received care as usual, typically offered in outpatient clinics, i.e. behaviour therapy, family therapy, play therapy and parental guidance. Five years later the treated children (age 13-18 years) showed significantly less conduct disorder and substance abuse. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation community children/young people Netherlands 3
Title: Immediate Detoxification Of Opiates With Naltrexone Under Anaesthetics
Summary: This study contextualises and compares the effectiveness of two methods of rapid detoxification, naltrexone with anaesthesia and naltrexone without anaesthesia. There appear to be no short term differences in effectiveness of rapid detoxification with naltrexone under anaesthesia and without anaesthesia. Furthermore, detoxification under anaesthesia is a less safer method and more expensive. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation adults Netherlands 2
Title: Programme Evaluation Of A Local Inpatient Detoxification And Follow-up Treatment Facility (Centrum Maliebaan)
Summary: This study explores the quality improvement of detoxification and follow-up treatments. >>
outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Netherlands 1
Title: Peer Support For Parents In Low SES Neighbourhoods To Prevent Childhood Drug Problems
Summary: The project promotes peer meeting for parents, which discuss parenting skills in relation to drug use. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation family, community family/parents Netherlands 1
Title: Peer Prevention Of AIDS And Infectious Diseases Among North African Drug Users In Rotterdam
Summary: This project tries to get in touch with this hard-to-reach target group through peers in order to inform them about the risks of injecting drug use. >>
harm reduction outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Netherlands 1
Title: Therapeutic Community "The Herberg" For Addicted Parents And Their Children
Summary: Many Dutch projects exist to reduce parenting problems and child problems but the effects of these have not been evaluated yet. In 1995 a therapeutic community (De Herberg, i.e. The Inn) opened its doors for this target group and a programme addressing this target group was developed. >>
outcome evaluation, process evaluation family/parents, adults, children/young people Netherlands 1
Title: Evaluation Of Local Coffeeshop Policy.
Summary: The study evaluates the effects of local coffee shop policies. >>
outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation adults Netherlands 1
Title: Evaluation Of Local Public Nuisance Policies 1993-1998
Summary: Describes the evaluation of the effects of projects targeting at the reduction of drug-related nuisance (1993-1998) in specific neighbourhoods in 26 municipalities. >>
outcome evaluation, impact evaluation adults Netherlands 1
Title: Coercive Treatment For Local Criminal Addicts: the project Triple-Ex
Summary: This project targeted at detoxification, additional support, and social re-integration of ex-detained addicts. Targets are abstinence or reduced drug use, a decrease of problems and the stimulation of daily work or education. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Netherlands 1
Title: Low Threshold Supportive Care For Local, Treatment-avoiding And Inaccessible Polydrug Users With Problematic Crack Use
Summary: The purpose of this study was to motivate crack users to enter regular treatment in order to reduce the negative effects of crack use. >>
harm reduction outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation low threshold service adults, children/young people Netherlands 3

Displaying results 1–10 of 39 where Country is Netherlands

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