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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Effects Of Medical Heroin Co-prescription For Treatment-refractory Chronic Addicts
Summary: This study looks at the positive and negative effects of a one year heroin prescription to treatment refractory chronic opiate addicts initially participating unsuccessfully in a methadone programme. This study shows that medical heroin prescription appears to be feasible and safe for treatment refractory chronic opiate addicts. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation adults Netherlands 2
Title: Dialectic Behaviour Therapy For Female Borderline Patients With And Without Substance Use Problems
Summary: This study describes the difference in the dropout rate and drug use of dialectical behaviour therapy for female borderline patients with and without substance misuse problems. One year after treatment the dropout rate of participants in dialectical behaviour therapy was lower than for those who were involved in standard treatment. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Netherlands 1
Title: CRA plus vouchers for treating cocaine use
Summary: The aim of this project was to adapt, develop and test a standardised treatment approach based on the combination of the Community reinforcement approach and Vouchers (CRA + Vouchers) for cocaine-dependent patients in five treatment centres. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation outpatient adults Netherlands 3
Title: Inpatient Cue Exposure Therapy To Prevent Relapse Of Drug Abuse
Summary: The purpose of this study is to investigate if relapse rates of opiate addicts are reduced more substantially by cue exposure therapy compared to emotional coping skills training. The study takes place in a therapeutic community and results will be available during 2004. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Netherlands 2
Title: Young And Addicted: The Usefulness And Necessity Of Integrated, Intersectoral Inpatient Treatment
Summary: The evaluation study looks at the effectiveness of treatment for young people aged between 13 and 18 in Bauhuus in the region of Groningen. >>
treatment outcome evaluation children/young people Netherlands 1
Title: Relapse Prevention (CRA) With Naltrexone Maintenance For Opiate Addicts
Summary: The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of naltrexone maintenance combined with psychosocial treatment; namely CRA, the Community reinforcement Approach. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Netherlands 1
Title: Drug Education for Primary School Students and their Parents
Summary: The purpose of the school programme was to increase the knowledge of primary school pupils and their parents of the effects of drugs and drug use. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation school adults, children/young people Netherlands 1
Title: A Local Centre for Relief and Advice
Summary: The purpose of the project was to organise several experimental types of paid work (three daily periods per week) for homeless addicts in the old city of Apeldoorn. Results showed that local residents positively judged the project and participant addicts received positive reactions from passers-by, shopkeepers, and local residents. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Netherlands 1
Title: Immediate Detoxification Of Opiates With Naltrexone Under Anaesthetics
Summary: This study contextualises and compares the effectiveness of two methods of rapid detoxification, naltrexone with anaesthesia and naltrexone without anaesthesia. There appear to be no short term differences in effectiveness of rapid detoxification with naltrexone under anaesthesia and without anaesthesia. Furthermore, detoxification under anaesthesia is a less safer method and more expensive. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation adults Netherlands 2
Title: Drug Policy Implementation in Judicial Youth Institutions
Summary: This project is about the implementation of an institutional drugs policy in a young offenders institute. It compares strict versus liberal drug policies and finishes by saying that a zero tolerance drug policy is less effective for this target group. >>
interventions in the criminal justice system process evaluation prison children/young people Netherlands 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 39 where Country is Netherlands

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