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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: ABRIGADO (low threshold admission centre for drug addicts)
Summary: ABRIGADO aims to help marginalised drug users to cope with diffcult life situations and at reducing harm related to problem drug use. ABRIGADO runs 3 different services: day care, a drug consumption room with a capacity of 7 injection tables and a night shelter with 42 beds. Since February 2012 ABRIGADO also offers a blowroom with a capacity of 3 tables. >>
harm reduction process evaluation low threshold service, needle/syringe provision adults Luxembourg 1
Title: Adventure Pedagogy And Primary Prevention
Summary: The objective is to prevent addiction and reduce substance use among those adolescents through outdoor activities. >>
prevention process evaluation community children/young people Luxembourg 1
Title: Prevalence and spreading of viral hepatitis A, B, C and HIV in problem users of illicitly acquired drugs.
Summary: This action research project has two components. The research component consists of determining the prevalence of viral hepatitis A, B, C and of HIV among the population of problem users of illicitly acquired drugs. The action component includes early detection of these infectious diseases by means of proposed serological analyses, vaccination against HAV and/or HBV, when medically indicated, and referral to medical care in order to reduce risk and damages. A cross-sectional study design allowed to assess the relation between the referred infectious diseases and other observable factors. >>
harm reduction outcome evaluation, process evaluation low threshold service adults Luxembourg 1
Title: Methadone Substitution Programme
Summary: A project for the prevention of drug related infectious diseases and overdoses which aims to improve psychological and physical health of the clients, reduce consumption, enable socio-professional reintegration, reduce drug related crime and reduce mortality rate. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, impact evaluation adults Luxembourg 1

Displaying results 1–4 of 4 where Country is Luxembourg

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