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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Young People On The Move: An Important Resource At The Adolescents And Young People Service In CESENA
Summary: The aim of the Giovanni in Giro project is to implement processes in order to enable adolescents to play an active role in their life, taking their own decision; so they can behave in a sensible way in their specific cultural environment. This is achieved through the function of two youth centres and street animation -outreach work. The project actively involves community organisations and has provided an opportunity for public reflection. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation party scene, community general population, adults, children/young people Italy 1
Title: PLEXUS: A Daytime Programme For Drug Users Under Methadone Or Other Substitutive Pharmaceutical Treatment.
Summary: Offers support, orientation and counselling services in order to improve quality of life and motivate for abstinence. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Italy 1
Title: Operational Programme: Therapeutic Work Placements For Drug Users In Treatment With The Drug Dependency Services Of Local Health Agency 11
Summary: A support programme that helps drug users get back into employment. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation adults Italy 1
Title: Information Campaign And Multimedia Communication Relating To Adverse Effects On Health Deriving From Narcotic Substances And Psychothrope Drug Abuse
Summary: The campaign was developed on several fronts: the traditional media, T.V. radio, press and poster campaigns, but also via internet and above all through actions targeted specifically to adolescents and young adults. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation party scene general population, children/young people Italy 1
Title: Project: Ponte Rosso
Summary: Offers support for people receiving methadone maintenance therapy in a way, which could provide the maximum protection against relapse. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Italy 1
Title: Project Pre-Comunità: Inquadramento Diagnostico Iniziale
Summary: Pre-Communita matches clients to available treatment options through an initial diagnostic assessment made in a residential setting. Thus allowing a personalised rehabilitation programme for dependent users. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Italy 1
Title: Blands Bands on the Move
Summary: This project is directed at at-risk young people and teenagers or those who abuse alcohol and substances in the Lecco LHA area and in other areas of Milan Province.The project aimed at encouraging kids to interact, discuss and critically reflect on the dynamics and social and personal factors that push them towards this type of consumption. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation community children/young people Italy 1
Title: Detoxification Residential Programme
Summary: Based on a combined treatment involving detoxification, a residential approach, and a psycho-educational approach which lasts, on average, for two months. The programme is offered to problem drug users in difficulty because of their state of health. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Italy 1
Title: Strange stories, unexplored paths
Summary: The "Strane Storie. Vie Inesplorate" project foresees working with the persons reported to the Prefecture of the city after having been stopped by the Police Forces in possession of moderate amounts of illegal narcotic substances, on the basis of Articles 75 and 121 of the Consolidated Act on Drug Addiction, Presidential Decree 309/90 >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation children/young people Italy 1
Title: Drogatel: Free, Anonymous National Telephone Helpline Providing Information and Advice on Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Summary: The national Italian drug telephone helpline service providing information on drug use to the general population. Drogatel is prominently displayed as a public utility service in all telephone directories. >>
process evaluation general population Italy 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 26 where Country is Italy

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