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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Therapeutic Programme for Adolescent Drug Users and their Families STROFI: Open Therapeutic Community
Summary: STROFI Open Therapeutic Community, a facility of intensive outpatient care, is part of the Therapeutic Programme for Adolescent Drug Users and their Families STROFI, run by the Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA). It is intended for adolescents in the phase of functional use or addiction. The main goals are: abstinence from all substances (except tobacco), resolution of legal problems, measures to enable young drug users to remain or become reintegrated within the educational system, and improvement of family and peer relationships. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation children/young people Greece 2
Title: Substitution Treatment Unit A of Athens
Summary: The programme is designed for those IV heroin users whose needs were so far unmet by other programmes. The programme's objectives are defined as follows: abstinence, harm reduction, high quality medical and psychosocial services, and rehabilitation. Methadone substitution is only one of the interventions in an intergraded programme, which also includes medical, psychiatric, psychosocial, and social support. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: Dependence Treatment Unit 18 ANO: Social Rehabilitation Centre
Summary: The centre constitutes the third and last phase of the Drug Dependence Treatment Unit 18 ANO and is probably the most crucial part of the therapeutic procedure. This phase aims at helping the patient to organise his/her life on a new basis by giving new content, values, meaning and goals.. The main objective is to prevent any relapses by providing the clients with continued assistance in order to integrate themselves into society. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: Alternative Therapeutic Programme for Dependent Individuals ARGO: Outpatient Treatment Community
Summary: An outpatient drug-free programme by behavioural reconstruction and changing the life attitude emphasizing the role of the group as a main therapeutic tool. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation outpatient family/parents, adults Greece 2
Title: Counselling intervention for students with psychosocial problems
Summary: This is a school based counselling intervention aiming at preventing and addressing the problems of young people, thus acting as an intermediating factor for drug use prevention. >>
prevention outcome evaluation school children/young people Greece 1
Title: EN DRASI Therapeutic Programme: Therapeutic Community at Korydallos Women's Prison
Summary: Launched as a pilot programme in 2000 the programme constitutes the first in-prison drug treatment intervention in line with the operational framework of a TC (therapeutic community). It targets female prisoners. >>
interventions in the criminal justice system process evaluation prison adults Greece 1
Title: Therapeutic Programme EXODOS: Social Reintegration Programme
Summary: A Social Reintegration programme that focuses on relapse prevention, educational and vocational training, and building relationships with significant others. The programme also gives opportunities to participate in various activities which aim to avoid social marginalisation and to prevent negative stereotyping of drug users. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: Like Father Like Son: Mixed Training Groups For Infants' Parents And Kindergarden Teachers
Summary: In Greece, the necessity of intervening in parents with infants and kindergarten teachers is still in dispute, on the grounds that infants do not consist a high-risk group. However, the Prevention Centre of the Prefecture of Pieria - prior to assessing the needs of the specific group - decided to consider infants' parents and kindergarten teachers as key groups in preventing drug use. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation school adults Greece 1
Title: Substitution Treatment Unit A of Thessaloniki
Summary: The aim of this programme is the demand reduction of opiates, the improvement of physical health, the re-establishment of social and family relations and the development of professional skills. Alongside the methadone prescription, psychosocial support is also provided. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: Parents' Training
Summary: The programme aims to facilitate the parents' role within the family and to enable them to act as preventive agents actions against substance use. >>
prevention outcome evaluation community family/parents Greece 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 40 where Country is Greece

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