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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: The Together project
Summary: The project is a cross-border, multi-professional public health project for the prevention of substance use. The project involves four municipalities in Sweden and seven in Finland. The target group of the project consists of municipal workers in social and health services, schools, youth work as well as personnel in the customs, police and church. >>
prevention process evaluation community children/young people Finland 1
Title: Drug Prevention Programme For Trainers
Summary: Primarily targeted at primary, secondary and vocational teachers, the overall goal of this programme is to reduce drug demand and the growth of drug crime. This is achieved by providing drug prevention training to the teachers so that drug education programmes can be implemented into schools. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation school adults Finland 1
Title: The Jungle of Values and Choices - An Alcohol and Drug Prevention Project For The Welfare Of Young People
Summary: This project is developing action models for substance use prevention based on value education. It targets children and young people of primary and secondary school age. The project is being piloted in Lohja and Kouvola. >>
prevention process evaluation party scene, school, community adults, children/young people Finland 1
Title: Project "Quality of alcohol and drug prevention"
Summary: Stakes, the National Institute for Welfare and Health, is resposible for supporting and information-steering municipal alcohol and drug prevention activities, which are carried out by multi-professional networks, facilitated by a network of liaison officers in each municipality. A prevention expert group in Stakes provides, in co-operation with County Administrative Boards and Center of Health Promotion (the central organisation for NGO:s' prevention work), members of those local networks training, information, a web resource portal, workshops for planning projects and devising prevention strategies. The Quality of prevention Project consists of 1. quality criteria for alcohol and drug prevention, established by Stakes in 2006, a handbook, indicators for the criteria, established by Stakes in 2007, and diverse information and training material, incl. a web resource on the subject. 2. Information and training on and supervised application of the above mentioned criteria on local alcohol & drug prevention work. 3. developing and updating material, training and other tools of information steering on basis of experience, evaluation, feedback, research and participating in a planning & development training program in product & service development. >>
prevention process evaluation Finland 1
Title: Teachers Responsible For Drugs Education In Schools
Summary: Offers teacher training and tutorial activities in order to develop anti-drug and anti-alcohol work in school together with families and the community. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation school, community adults, children/young people Finland 1
Title: Tail Wind: A Subproject Of Lighthouse
Summary: The objective of the Finnish Health 2015 public heath programme is to develop co-operation between different authorities, schools, organisations, economic life, parents and youth to decrease alcohol and drug experimentation. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation school children/young people Finland 1
Title: Mahis: Chance Is Inside of You
Summary: The goal of the project is to prevent social exclusion by supporting young people who are 'at risk' through individual recreational activities, an individual action plan and a personal tutor. >>
prevention process evaluation school children/young people Finland 1
Title: Drug Education Programme
Summary: The implementation of a drug education strategy in primary schools in the Municipality of Jokioinen. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation school, community family/parents, children/young people Finland 1
Title: Drug Project of Eastern Finland 2000-2001
Summary: A comprehensive package of drug prevention and drug work measures that cover Eastern Finland. >>
process evaluation adults, children/young people Finland 1
Title: SORRY project (Crime Reconciliation)
Summary: The implementation of a model of rapid intervention based on co-operation in Lappeenranta in order to reduce re-offending rates among young offenders. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation, process evaluation children/young people Finland 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 23 where Country is Finland

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