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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Project Spirillen (named after the cartoon character)
Summary: The general objective of the project is to promote employment among drug addicts receiving cash benefits and undergoing substitution therapy. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation adults Denmark 1
Title: Wave Breakers
Summary: During three weekend meetings, the project obtained information from 50 young people about their attitudes towards drugs and their judgement on the proliferation of nightlife abuse of illicit drugs. The selected group was paid a bonus for participating in the project being a motivating factor for the young people. >>
prevention process evaluation community adults Denmark 1
Title: Ecstasy.dk: The Drug of Drugs.
Summary: A mass media campaign addressing ecstasy use in Denmark. An open discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign. >>
prevention process evaluation adults, children/young people Denmark 1
Title: The Ecstasy Group (The E group)
Summary: Describes a group of 8 young people who met for a period of 5 months because there was a professional need to better understand the new emerging youth culture around Ecstasy. The purpose of the group was to help develop and target interventions and services for young people and to help participants reduce or stop their ecstasy use. >>
process evaluation adults, children/young people Denmark 1
Title: Parent Group Focusing On Alcohol And Other Drug Use
Summary: The purpose of this project is to draw parents' attention to their responsibility on the issue of young people and drugs. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation school, community adults Denmark 1
Title: Party Zone courses
Summary: This is a subproject under the "Development project on ecstasy prevention" launched in two 'model counties', i.e. the counties of Aarhus and North Jutland. The aim of the project was to reach the young people in an environment, in which drugs are used through active involvement of party environment personnel in the efforts to prevent against the use of ecstasy and similar drugs. >>
prevention process evaluation party scene adults Denmark 1
Title: The Caravan
Summary: The project is a targeted initiative offered to party environments in four holiday resorts in the county. Under the motto "take a break in the caravan", qualified young people gave other young people care and information from three mobile homes located close to the party environments in the towns in question. >>
prevention process evaluation party scene children/young people Denmark 1
Title: Roskilde Festival Against Drugs 2006
Summary: The Roskilde Music Festival is an annual event which constitutes an essential part of Danish youth culture with more that 75,000 guests and 25,000 staff. The purpose of this combined intervention is to establish a norm within youth culture against drugs, through the use of mass media campaigns and informative material. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation party scene adults, children/young people Denmark 1
Title: Cooperation Between Vridsloeselille Prison and Kongens Oe, A Private Treatment Institution
Summary: A prison drugs treatment programme at a new block opened at Vridsloeselille Prison, a closed institution, where inmates who use drugs are offered treatment following the Minnesota model. >>
interventions in the criminal justice system outcome evaluation prison adults Denmark 1
Title: J-Kie Cards
Summary: J-Kie Cards increases the knowledge of facts among intravenous drug users in Copenhagen through the use of a series of cards which provide information on issues such as safer injection use. Evaluation shows that the project has had a positive impact. >>
harm reduction process evaluation needle/syringe provision adults Denmark 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 13 where Country is Denmark

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