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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Health promotion and life skills program
Summary: Health promotion and life skills program is universal drug prevention and violence prevention program. It is based on evidence-based original Life skills Training program from USA and other similar programs. It is based on personal and life skills training as well as knowledge and attitudes acquiring that were identified as risk or protective factors in scientific literature. It provides information relevant to drug use risks and consequences it addresses well know myths that exist among peer groups. It encourages development of high self esteem, self control, decision making skills, assertiveness, peer pleasure and conflict resolution skills. Also it develops good communication and social skills as well as skills for managing anxious and angry emotions. In Rijeka region (Primorsko-goranska county) it is implemented in over 90 % of schools. Program consists of 8-10 workshops per school year and it is delivers by teachers in 3-7 grade. Public health institute of Primorsko-goranska County is the coordinator of the program. It develops and prints teaching materials for teachers and students; it organizes four-day education and training for teachers, it supervises program delivery and manages evaluation, program promotion and fund raising. Programs start in September with two day education and training for teachers involved in the program. For this education and training meeting media and local public government representatives are invited. It is followed by initial parent meeting where basic information about the program is given and parents are encouraged to talk with children about what they are learning in school. Program delivery in schools is planed once in two weeks. During program delivery, special school coordinator is placed in schools to encourage regular program implementation. He/she visits several workshops at classes, it reports on program delivery to school board, manages unexpected inability to delivery workshop etc. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation school children/young people Croatia 2
Title: Unplugged: European Union Drug Abuse Prevention (EU-DAP)
Summary: The Unplugged program is school-based prevention program which target young people aged 12-14 years and their parents. It is based on a life skills education and social influences approach. The program goals are: Increased health related awareness and knowledge of social influences; delayed onset of drug use; improved knowledge, attitudes and skills concerning health behaviors and drug use; reduction in the use of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis and a reduction in the likelihood of future drug abuse. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation school family/parents, children/young people Croatia 2

Displaying results 1–2 of 2 where Country is Croatia

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