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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Substitution Treatment Unit A of Thessaloniki
Summary: The aim of this programme is the demand reduction of opiates, the improvement of physical health, the re-establishment of social and family relations and the development of professional skills. Alongside the methadone prescription, psychosocial support is also provided. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: Teeside Needle Exchange Scheme
Summary: Aims to provide injecting drug users with clean injecting equipment, information on safe ways of injecting, in order to minimize risk of infections. >>
harm reduction outcome evaluation, process evaluation needle/syringe provision adults United Kingdom 1
Title: Merchant's Quay Health Promotion Unit
Summary: This service aims to provide support and promote health care to intravenous drug users by providing a low threshold service, needle exchange and general health care. Evaluation shows that the service is successful in attracting hard to reach groups such as female drug users, young drug users and new intravenous drug users. >>
harm reduction outcome evaluation low threshold service, needle/syringe provision adults, children/young people Ireland 1
Title: JADD - Jobstown Assisting Drug Dependency
Summary: The overall purpose of JADD is to support drug users and their families and to assist drug users in re-integrating back into the community. >>
treatment process evaluation family/parents, adults Ireland 1
Title: Substance Misuse Services
Summary: Aimed at opiate dependent drug users who are aged 21 years and over, who are unable or unwilling to give up injecting and have previously failed oral methadone treatment and who have problems related to drug use in the areas of health, social functioning and crime. Patients are offered the choice of treatment with injectable heroin (diamorphine) or injectable methadone at a drug treatment clinic in west London. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults United Kingdom 1
Title: Waiting List Programme
Summary: A methadone maintenance programme. >>
harm reduction outcome evaluation low threshold service, needle/syringe provision adults Spain 1
Title: Therapy For Parents And Children At Grüner Kreis
Summary: As one of the few stationary facilities for long-term therapy, special treatment for addicted parents and their children is also provided in a separate institution, the "Eltern-Kind-Haus"("parent-child-house"). Ever since its foundation "Grüner Kreis" has been working to fill a gap by giving parents suffering from addiction the opportunity to undergo therapy together with their children. >>
treatment outcome evaluation family/parents, adults, children/young people Austria 1
Title: Effects Of High Doses In Methadone Maintenance Treatment
Summary: This study explores the difference for hard drug users between high and low dosage in methadone maintenance treatment programmes. After 22 months, the high dosage group had more favourable outcomes than the lower dosage group. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, impact evaluation adults Netherlands 2
Title: Safetynet Methadone Pilot in Hostel for homeless heroin users
Summary: From December 2007 to May 2008, the Safetynet Service piloted a methadone programme in the Dublin Simon Emergency Hostel. The aim is to reduce heroin use and the high level of hospital admissions among homeless heroin using residents. During this six-month period, 14 residents were initiated onto the programme. At the end of the progreamme, 10 patients remained in treatment. The evaluation reported that among these 10, there was a marked reduction in drug use and improvements in health and social functioning. >>
treatment outcome evaluation outpatient adults Ireland 2
Title: Training for Trainees Programme for the Prevention of Health Problems Associated to Drug Abuse
Summary: The training encourages health professionals working with the drug-using population to carry out workshops on the prevention of HIV/ AIDS. >>
outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Spain 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 29 where Substances addressed by the intervention is Opiates

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