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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Euregio-Konekt. Violence Prevention in the Euregio Maas-Rhein
Summary: A violence prevention project for schools in the German speaking community in Belgium. >>
prevention process evaluation school, community adults, children/young people Belgium 1
Title: Be Smart -Don't Start (Smokefree Class Competition)
Summary: The main aim of the programme is to delay the onset of smoking in pupils who do not smoke and the cessation of smoking in pupils already experimenting. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation school children/young people Germany 3
Title: Quit and Win: A Community Intervention Programme to Quit Smoking
Summary: The programme is directed at smokers over 18 years of age who have been smoking regularly for more than one year. It is the Spanish version of the international 'Quit and Win' programme promoted by the World Health Organisation. >>
prevention outcome evaluation community adults Spain 1
Title: Programme for the Prevention of Tobacco Addiction at Secondary Schools
Summary: The programme intends to reduce the number of students experimenting with tobacco for the first time. >>
prevention outcome evaluation school children/young people Spain 2
Title: Treatment of Tobacco Dependency Among Hospital Patients
Summary: The project developed a system for advising and treating patients with tobacco dependency, based on the national Current Care guideline on smoking, nicotine dependency and withdrawal treatment. The system was implemented in health care facilities (specialised health care, primary health care, other hospital districts) in Finland. The project produced a treatment system for patients with tobacco dependency that provides guidelines for individual- and group-level guidance. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Finland 1
Title: Smoking cessation treatment and reimbursement
Summary: A randomised clinical trial that aimed to investigate whether smoking cessation treatment for which the treatment costs are reimbursed is more effective than treatment for which no costs are reimbursed. >>
treatment outcome evaluation general population Netherlands 2
Title: Do you smoke or do you live?
Summary: The hands-on course 'DO YOU SMOKE OR DO YOU LIVE' is a modern method of tobacco prevention, based on experiential education and targeted at young people. Sensual experience, information and competition are combined and prove to enable significant knowledge transfer. In addition, a positive image of non-smokers is promoted. >>
prevention outcome evaluation school, community children/young people Germany 2
Title: BE Smoke FREE
Summary: BE smoke Free is a tobacco prevention education programme targeting young people in school aged between 14 and 16. Recruitment of smokers has been reduced by 26% in schools that have completed the intervention compared to control schools. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation school children/young people Norway 1
Title: Programme to Prevent Tobacco Addiction in the Murcia Town Hall: Less Smoke, More Life, for a Healthy Town Hall for All
Summary: In 1998 the Municipal Government of Murcia initiated a programme against tobacco addiction consisting of 2 components, a health promotion and education unit for all municipal workers and a unit for employees who wish to quit smoking. As a result of the project, tobacco addiction among Murcia Town Hall employees is estimated to have declined by 15-20% >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Spain 1
Title: Community Smoking Cessation Programme, With Reimbursement Of Drug Treatment Contingent Upon Success
Summary: The purpose of this Catalonian project was to reduce tobacco addiction among the general population and provide an incentive for cessation in the form of reimbursement of the costs of the drug treatment for participants who were abstinent six months after the intervention. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults, children/young people Spain 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 15 where Substances addressed by the intervention is Tobacco

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