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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Immediate Detoxification Of Opiates With Naltrexone Under Anaesthetics
Summary: This study contextualises and compares the effectiveness of two methods of rapid detoxification, naltrexone with anaesthesia and naltrexone without anaesthesia. There appear to be no short term differences in effectiveness of rapid detoxification with naltrexone under anaesthesia and without anaesthesia. Furthermore, detoxification under anaesthesia is a less safer method and more expensive. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation adults Netherlands 2
Title: Syringe exchange Flanders
Summary: Aims to reduce the spread of infectious diseases for injecting drug users by increasing the amount of available syringes and the prevention of other health risks by giving accurate prevention information. >>
harm reduction process evaluation low threshold service, needle/syringe provision adults Belgium 1
Title: Total Quality Management for the Dependencies Treatment System (TQM 1/2000)
Summary: A description of the implementation of a quality management system which enables the measurement and evaluation of the performance and outcome of therapeutic communities. >>
impact evaluation, process evaluation adults Italy 1
Title: Drug Out: Innsbruck Prison's Therapy Unit
Summary: The therapy unit was set up in Innsbruck Prison in 1993 as is a part of an overall drugs strategy, to provide treatment to drug addicts during their prison sentence. The unit provides care and therapy and supports the social reintegration of drug-addicted prisoners. >>
interventions in the criminal justice system outcome evaluation prison adults Austria 1
Title: Local Point of Reception and Information for Party Drug Users
Summary: The local point of reception, information and referral for party drug users aims to reduce the risks related to drug-use in this public. It aims to improve users' knowledge and tries to induce behaviour's changes on the related risks, by providing information on the content of the products and the risks related to that products. >>
harm reduction evaluation of intervention planning, process evaluation low threshold service adults Belgium 1
Title: Treatment and Care of Drug Dependent Offenders
Summary: In Austria’s prisons, drug dependent offenders can undergo either compulsory treatment by court or voluntary treatment motivated by incentives, f. e. a more liberal prison regime. Substitute prescribing, low key support, psychotherapeutic measures, and psychological treatment are mainly offered. Services are offered by medical, social, psychiatric, psychological and social personnel in co-operation with probation service, other drug treatment providers and prison personnel. >>
interventions in the criminal justice system outcome evaluation prison adults Austria 2
Title: Quatre Camins Specialized Prison Care Programme for treating substance addiction for Prisoners in Catalonia
Summary: Using a cognitive-behavioural therapeutic community model in prison, the intervention programme targets all prisoners in Catalonian prisons with a serious drug addiction problem. It aims to provide a drug-free environment and intensive treatment to help overcome an ongoing problem. >>
interventions in the criminal justice system process evaluation prison adults Spain 1
Title: Certificate in Addiction Studies (NUI Maynooth)
Summary: The Addiction Studies course was designed to meet the needs of groups who engage directly with substance users and/or their families. The overall objective is to provide quality drug education, training and support services which develop knowledge and skills in order to enhance competencies and capacities in a variety of settings and sectors >>
process evaluation adults Ireland 1
Title: Blanchardstown EQUAL Inter-agency Initiative
Summary: The project brings together various statutory and voluntary organisations working with recovering drug users to enhance their labour market opportunities. >>
process evaluation adults Ireland 1
Title: A La Carte Prevention. Interactive Prevention Programme On Risk Reduction
Summary: A prevention programme for youth centres which addresses risky behaviour and its implication. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation community adults, children/young people France 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 314 where Target group (Universal) is Adults

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