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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: The Jungle of Values and Choices - An Alcohol and Drug Prevention Project For The Welfare Of Young People
Summary: This project is developing action models for substance use prevention based on value education. It targets children and young people of primary and secondary school age. The project is being piloted in Lohja and Kouvola. >>
prevention process evaluation party scene, school, community adults, children/young people Finland 1
Title: Traveller Specific Drugs Initiative
Summary: The overall aim of the initiative is the promotion of Traveller inclusion into the national, regional and local response being developed to address drug use and to support Traveller organisations in tackling the issue of drug use within the Traveller community >>
prevention process evaluation community general population, family/parents, adults, children/young people Ireland 1
Title: Drug Prevention Programme For Trainers
Summary: Primarily targeted at primary, secondary and vocational teachers, the overall goal of this programme is to reduce drug demand and the growth of drug crime. This is achieved by providing drug prevention training to the teachers so that drug education programmes can be implemented into schools. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation school adults Finland 1
Title: Teachers Responsible For Drugs Education In Schools
Summary: Offers teacher training and tutorial activities in order to develop anti-drug and anti-alcohol work in school together with families and the community. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation school, community adults, children/young people Finland 1
Title: Ringsend And District Response To Drugs
Summary: Helps recovering drug addicts reintegrate into the community and find job opportunities >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation family/parents, adults Ireland 1
Title: Like Father Like Son: Mixed Training Groups For Infants' Parents And Kindergarden Teachers
Summary: In Greece, the necessity of intervening in parents with infants and kindergarten teachers is still in dispute, on the grounds that infants do not consist a high-risk group. However, the Prevention Centre of the Prefecture of Pieria - prior to assessing the needs of the specific group - decided to consider infants' parents and kindergarten teachers as key groups in preventing drug use. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation school adults Greece 1
Title: ERLENHOF: An Inpatient Treatment Centre For Addicts
Summary: The treatment facility Erlenhof offers abstinence-orientated drug treatment for 25 drug-addicts and accepts couples and clients' children. The overall purpose of the treatment centre is to help drug addicts regain a drug-free, self-determined and socially integrated life. This is done within 5 modules which are offered according to individual needs. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation inpatient family/parents, adults Austria 1
Title: Social Medicine Counselling Centre Ganslwirt
Summary: Social medicine counselling centre in Ganslwirt offers a low threshold service that offers a day centre, an outpatient clinic and a low threshold sleeping facility. The general objective is harm reduction concerning health and social aspects. >>
harm reduction process evaluation low threshold service adults, children/young people Austria 1
Title: Municipal Plan of Mértola for the Primary Prevention of Drug Addiction
Summary: Contributes to the development of social and personal skills in order to reduce the use of illegal drugs. >>
prevention process evaluation school, community adults, children/young people Portugal 1
Title: Substitution Treatment Unit A of Thessaloniki
Summary: The aim of this programme is the demand reduction of opiates, the improvement of physical health, the re-establishment of social and family relations and the development of professional skills. Alongside the methadone prescription, psychosocial support is also provided. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Greece 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 314 where Target group (Universal) is Adults

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