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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Every Cigarette Is Doing You Damage
Summary: This tobacco mass media campaign was run in Norway from 6th January to 16th February 2003. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage people to stop smoking by using shocking images. Extensive evaluation results. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation general population Norway 1
Title: Local Capital For Social Purposes (A Pilot Action of the DGV of the EU) Programme: "Socially innovative 2000" (EU regional management Eastern Styria)
Summary: Within this EU pilot action programme, the EU regional management Eastern Styria developed the measure "Socially innovative 2000" through which the project was financed. The aim of the project was to implement health promotion and addiction prevention in daily community life, identifying and modifying the factors, which can lead to addiction. >>
prevention process evaluation community general population, adults Austria 1
Title: Linha VIDA — SOS drugs — A Free Help Line
Summary: Linha VIDA provides a service offering information and counselling. The phones are staffed by personnel specially trained in drug addiction and supervised by a team of psychologists. Linha VIDA is also a point of contact between the public and the institutions working in drug prevention. >>
outcome evaluation general population Portugal 1
Title: Northrhine Westfalian State Programme Against Addiction. Campaign "Addiction always has a history"
Summary: The exhibition helps to give information due to its slogan, to create knowledge and to reduce prejudices. At least 4 times a year the exhibition is to be seen in Northrine-Westfalia and is directed to the total population. >>
prevention process evaluation school, community general population Germany 1
Title: Green Line: Programme of Information and Counselling on Alcoholism and other Drug Addictions and Immediate Reception
Summary: A general information point on all aspects of drugs and drug dependence aimed at the people of Catalonia. The Telephone Information Service is a good detector of the changes in drug use and the appearance of new substances that can create addiction. >>
outcome evaluation, process evaluation general population Spain 1
Title: Community Based Addiction Prevention
Summary: Registering and promoting motivation of voluntary groups in drug addiction prevention is the focus of this European project. In course of the project, following activities were performed: - extended research and analysis of literature of current state of the art concerning voluntarism, which served as a basis for constructing a questionnaire and for developing strategies. >>
process evaluation general population European Commission 1
Title: Feasibility Study: Vaccination for Hepatitis B In High-Risk Groups
Summary: The project aims to increases the coverage of a Hepatitis B immunisations among high-risk drug users. >>
harm reduction outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation general population Netherlands 1
Title: 24 H / 24 Telephone Help-Line
Summary: Infor-Drogues is a telephone help-line that was especially created for emergencies. It aims at dealing with any kind of request concerning drugs. It is available to everyone night and day. >>
process evaluation general population, family/parents, adults, children/young people Belgium 1
Title: Information Campaign And Multimedia Communication Relating To Adverse Effects On Health Deriving From Narcotic Substances And Psychothrope Drug Abuse
Summary: The campaign was developed on several fronts: the traditional media, T.V. radio, press and poster campaigns, but also via internet and above all through actions targeted specifically to adolescents and young adults. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation party scene general population, children/young people Italy 1
Title: Vaccination project Hepatitis B of the Social Medicine Counselling Centre Ganslwirt
Summary: The Social Medicine Counselling Centre Ganslwirt offers in the frame of regular low threshold ambulance a vaccination against hepatitis A and B for iv-drug users. In the context of information, counselling and care activities of the social workers as well as brochures and posters a vaccination which follows the scheme 0-1-6 is administered. >>
harm reduction evaluation of intervention planning, outcome evaluation low threshold service general population, adults Austria 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 35 where Target group (Universal) is General population

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