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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Drug Project of Eastern Finland 2000-2001
Summary: A comprehensive package of drug prevention and drug work measures that cover Eastern Finland. >>
process evaluation adults, children/young people Finland 1
Title: 'Drugs, risk less (DR-)'. (Update of: 'Development and distribution of harm reduction information and brochures').
Summary: This project (re-named 'Drugs, risk less/DR-') aims to sensitise drug users to the risks related to the use of psychotropic products and to inform them on the means to reduce these. It follows a logic of promotion of health, aiming to promote responsibility among the users. It concretely aims: to improve the knowledge of the users on (licit or illicit) drug consumption and how to reduce risks in case of consumption; to promote individual and social skills development among the users by offering them the opportunity to reflect on their consumption, to make choices in respect of their health and to keep control of their consumption; to improve the knowledge of the consumers on the professional relays and aid, information and screening structures, especially at a local level; to sensitise young consumers in leisure or recreational settings; and to promote participation of drug users in the project (peer-to-peer action). >>
harm reduction process evaluation children/young people Belgium 1
Title: 3CP: Three Cities Project (Hamburg- Amsterdam -Manchester)
Summary: 3CP-4 has continued the common project to develop and implement a mutual monitoring and early information system concerning new drugs and emerging consumption trends among young people, based on peer networks in each city. >>
process evaluation adults European Commission 1
Title: Community Based Addiction Prevention
Summary: Registering and promoting motivation of voluntary groups in drug addiction prevention is the focus of this European project. In course of the project, following activities were performed: - extended research and analysis of literature of current state of the art concerning voluntarism, which served as a basis for constructing a questionnaire and for developing strategies. >>
process evaluation general population European Commission 1
Title: Evaluation Study: Impact Of Pill Testing Programmes With Regard To The Consumption Behaviour And Risk Consciousness Among Users Of Synthetic Drugs (ecstasy)
Summary: Pill-Testing is one of many factors playing a role in the lives and behaviour of ecstasy users. From that perspective, pill-testing cannot be expected to have a very strong impact. Nevertheless, the empirical findings largely support the hypotheses of the study >>
outcome evaluation, process evaluation family/parents, adults, children/young people European Commission 1
Title: Exchange and Training Network
Summary: The network has been an innovative and pioneering network, promoting the exchange of practical and theoretical knowledge for professionals and organisations, working in the field of drug demand and drug harm reduction across EU. It has done this by using the synergy of its network and directing this to organise peer-training seminars (for and by professionals) and summer universities in different cities across different EU countries. >>
process evaluation general population European Commission 1
Title: Drugs in the youth organisation
Summary: Discussion about unclear drug legislation resulted in the initiation of a consultation process between different sectors for youth organisations to work on an alcohol and drug policy. A policy consists of establishing local guidelines and trainings, and building a network between umbrella organisation of youth movements and regional prevention workers. >>
prevention process evaluation community adults, children/young people Belgium 1
Title: Clear Helsinki
Summary: The aim is to prevent substance abuse by promoting networking and co-operation among professionals and active parents and by offering training on substance abuse and mental health issues. >>
prevention process evaluation community family/parents, adults, children/young people Finland 1
Title: Co-operation agreement on networking in primary and secondary addiction and drug prevention
Summary: A co-ordination body that provides an overall structure and oversees the implementation of projects of 3 prevention institutions in Inglostadt in order to avoid the duplication of services. >>
process evaluation adults, children/young people Germany 1
Title: Step by step: a programme for early detection and crisis intervention in schools
Summary: The general aim of the project is to prevent vulnerable young people from developing manifest drug abuse behaviour and the possible psychological, physical and social problems which can occur as a result. This is achieved by implementing the programme in all schools within Graz from the 5th grade onwards. >>
prevention process evaluation school children/young people Austria 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 34 where Type of approaches is Networking

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