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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Social Educational Programme of Alcohol and Drugs Prevention for parents
Summary: The objectives of this project are to promote the development of parental abilities and to train people to work with parents. This is achieved through the implementation of a specially designed training programme. >>
outcome evaluation, process evaluation family/parents Portugal 1
Title: Family, a Context for Prevention: Parental Education
Summary: A family prevention programme which aims to improve family skills through family support and parent training programmes. The programme reached 126 families and 50% regularly attended the programme. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation community family/parents Portugal 1
Title: Searching Family Treasure
Summary: Searching family treasure is a selective family prevention programme targeting at-risk families with children aged between 6 and 12 years old. The objectives are to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors by offering a families skills programme with additional individual support which develops child and parent management strategies. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation family, community family/parents, children/young people Portugal 3
Title: The Drug Committee: An Interactive Exhibition About Alcohol and Other Drugs
Summary: An interactive exhibition for young people aged between 14 and 18 about alcohol and other drugs. The exhibition includes materials for teachers. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation party scene, school, community children/young people Belgium 1
Title: F.E.E.T. to Walk: Prevent, Educate, Socialize (P.E.S. P'andar: Prevenir, educar e socializar - Programa de Competências Pessoais e Sociais e Promoção de estilos de Vida Saudáveis)
Summary: The main objective of the program is the development of personal and social skills and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. The main target group of the 2-year project are young people living in a deprived neighbourhood. The program applies a cognitive-behavioural approach and methods of living education. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation family, school, community family/parents, children/young people Portugal 2
Title: CRA plus vouchers for treating cocaine use
Summary: The aim of this project was to adapt, develop and test a standardised treatment approach based on the combination of the Community reinforcement approach and Vouchers (CRA + Vouchers) for cocaine-dependent patients in five treatment centres. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation outpatient adults Netherlands 3
Title: Brief intervention in alcohol-related traffic casualties (BITA)
Summary: This is a brief intervention that aims to influence the drinking behaviour of non-alcoholics, especially in relation to driving in the hospital setting. The specific aims are to reduce alcohol consumption among traffic accident victims with a positive Blood Alcohol Concentration (BACs) but who are not dependent on alcohol within a one year period after the accident and to reduce the number of alcohol-related traffic accidents among victims who have received the intervention. >>
prevention evaluation of intervention planning, outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation adults Spain 3
Title: Training for professionals
Summary: The aim of the training program is to build and maintain contacts with the municipal drug control commission members seeking: 1) to provide practical and theoretical knowledge about drug demand principles to be able to design, organize and coordinate drug demand activities in the community implemented by the local governments 2) to provide the teamwork principles, creative decision-making, to promote introduction of more versatile and more effective cooperation forms, to foster interactive and cooperative working culture in targeted, consistent and systematical management of drug control prevention measures in municipalities. >>
prevention process evaluation community Lithuania 1
Title: Drug services in prison and follow-up care
Summary: The Project works with problem drug users in conflict with law in prison and after release from prison in form of professional social consulting. The contact is established in prison and it helps to master the period of return from prison environment to normal life. >>
interventions in the criminal justice system outcome evaluation community, prison family/parents, adults, children/young people Czech Republic 1
Title: The programme is named “xkpts.com” (reader: “perquèpetes.com”). The subtitle is cannabis consumption prevention programme in youth. The original name is referred to the possible two meanings that “peta” has in Catalan at present: on one side, is the colloquial name that joint receive among catalan youth; on the other side the verb “petar” means in Catalan to explode. The idea is that the consumption of “petes” cant take you to the failure and the interrogation mark included in the name pretend that young people consider if this is really convenient.
Summary: School-based preventive programme to face the beginning of cannabis consumption. It is recommended in Secondary school, during the last too years of compulsory school, preferably in 9th grade (3º ESO, in the Spanish educational system). The programme contains four units, with 16 activities, to be implemented in 6-10 class hours. The responsible of implementation is the teacher who takes care of each group. The Public Health Agency of Barcelona finance the materials and give training for teachers and technical support trough the reference health teams in each district of the town. Materials are: a flyer with information for subscribing the school in each school-year; a teacher guide with the main instructions about how implement the programme; a DVD with a story that will permit give the context to cannabis consumption in the student environment; a little brochure with cannabis information and prevention for parents; a web addressed to students (www.xkpts.com) and protocol guide for teachers explaining how combine and order the different intervention parts. Participant teachers have to full a process evaluation sheet. A training course of 6 hours is offered to new implementers. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation family, school family/parents, children/young people Spain 3

Displaying results 1–10 of 78 where Type of approaches is Training for professionals

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