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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Email service provided by De DrugLijn (drug helpline)
Summary: In 2004, the Druglijn (and information and counseling telephone helpline, established in April 1994) decided to start providing an innovative online service in the form of email counseling in addition to its other services. It soon became clear that the email service was appaeling to an increasing number of people and target groups. Today, five years later, one inquiry in three that the DrugLijn deals with is made via e-mail. In 2008 the helpline answered a total of 2,223 emails. The Druglijn is a fast and low-threshold way to get specific information, find addresses and helpful advice on the issue of illegal drugs. >>
process evaluation general population Belgium 1
Title: Jugendline: A Peer-to-peer Consultancy Approach
Summary: "JugendLine" developed by the district of Hohenlohekreisis offers a multimedia consultancy service to young people provided by young people: The consultancy can take place via telephone, internet, fax or traditional post. It deals with young people's everyday life and their outlook on life. >>
prevention process evaluation family, party scene, school, community children/young people Germany 1
Title: Linha VIDA — SOS drugs — A Free Help Line
Summary: Linha VIDA provides a service offering information and counselling. The phones are staffed by personnel specially trained in drug addiction and supervised by a team of psychologists. Linha VIDA is also a point of contact between the public and the institutions working in drug prevention. >>
outcome evaluation general population Portugal 1
Title: JADD - Jobstown Assisting Drug Dependency
Summary: The overall purpose of JADD is to support drug users and their families and to assist drug users in re-integrating back into the community. >>
treatment process evaluation family/parents, adults Ireland 1
Title: Outpatient Therapy For Cannabis And Party Drugs Users
Summary: The institution offers 35 outpatient therapy places for adults and 20 for teenagers. Up until the 1990's treatment focused on predominantly cannabis abuse but mixed party drug consumption has been integrated more and more into the programme. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation adults, children/young people Germany 1
Title: 24 H / 24 Telephone Help-Line
Summary: Infor-Drogues is a telephone help-line that was especially created for emergencies. It aims at dealing with any kind of request concerning drugs. It is available to everyone night and day. >>
process evaluation general population, family/parents, adults, children/young people Belgium 1
Title: National Network TOM (Children and Youth Telephone)
Summary: A national free telephone helpline for young people which offers anonymity, confidentiality, emotional support and various information. >>
process evaluation children/young people Slovenia 1
Title: Open Line (Greek Telephone Help-line)
Summary: Aimed at both drug users and alcoholics. It offers information, assistance and support on drug-related issues to users, their families and the general public. Crisis intervention and referrals also constitute part of the line's activities. >>
process evaluation general population Greece 1
Title: "National Drug helpline 08588"
Summary: RUStelefonen is a professional, national helpline which offers information and advice. It is run by the outreach section of the Oslo's Alcohol and Drug Addiction Service on behalf of the Directorate for Health and Social Affairs. The service is staffed by two counsellors who take the calls and answer questions about drugs and related issues. >>
process evaluation family/parents, adults, children/young people Norway 1
Title: Family Support Project
Summary: Between 2003 and 2005, Operaatio TOIVO ry (Operation HOPE) carried out a Family Support Project. The purpose of the project was to develop and provide new forms of support for the family members of young substance abusers. The second target group was the families of young people who had died from drug use. The operations were based on the idea that when the family members of a young substance abuser can cope better, the young person's support network stays in place, and the chances of recovery are better. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation, process evaluation family/parents, adults, children/young people Finland 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 15 where Type of approaches is Telephone help-line

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