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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: FamilienBande — Was geht ab? FamilyTies — What's up?!
Summary: The project FamilyTies (FamilienBande)is established in the field of universal prevention and addresses families and young children. Specific target groups of the project are non-drug users and experimental drug users. The intervention addresses all substances with a focus on alcohol, tobacco and cannabis. Community and family are the settings of the project. The aim of the project is to strengthen families and to reach especially those parents and families who hardly accept classical learning opportunities. The project is intended to present possibilities in the field of prevention for parents, guardians and other persons involved in the upbringing of pubescent children and juveniles. Thus, the development of addictive behaviour in children and juveniles shall be avoided. The activities included round tables for parents organised by trained moderators, parents' courses, an adventure (and experiential) offer for school-classes combined with an innovative parents-teacher conference for multipliers. The results of the external evaluation confirm that the chosen offers increase the consciousness for problems, raise the level of information and improve the leading skills of parents and guardians. It illustrated that the moderators of the parents' round tables have a key function when it comes to reaching families from certain social levels. The inclusion of these families is easier when the moderators derive from the same social environment. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation family, community family/parents, children/young people Salzburg/Austria 2
Title: Programa de Competencia Familiar (Strengthening Families Program)
Summary: The Research and Training and Social Education Group (GIFES), University of the Balearic Islands has carried out the adaptation, validation and application of our social and cultural reality of the Strengthening Families Program (SFP), a program designed for families in the United States, with very diverse cultural backgrounds. Besides the language adaptation, we conducted an adaptation redefining different concepts. In the area of discipline, for example, we redefined the limits of child punishment by rejecting corporal punishment. We have also performed a cultural adaptation. This is a program for families where one member has completed a process of outpatient treatment for addiction to cocaine or cocaine and alcohol or for people who are receiving treatment in a semi-residential therapeutic community. ‘El Programa de Competencia Familiar’ (PCF) aims to reduce risk factors and strengthen protective factors for children, promoting normality in the parent-child relationships. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation family family/parents, children/young people Spain 3
Title: Like Father Like Son: Mixed Training Groups For Infants' Parents And Kindergarden Teachers
Summary: In Greece, the necessity of intervening in parents with infants and kindergarten teachers is still in dispute, on the grounds that infants do not consist a high-risk group. However, the Prevention Centre of the Prefecture of Pieria - prior to assessing the needs of the specific group - decided to consider infants' parents and kindergarten teachers as key groups in preventing drug use. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation school adults Greece 1
Title: Municipal Plan of Mértola for the Primary Prevention of Drug Addiction
Summary: Contributes to the development of social and personal skills in order to reduce the use of illegal drugs. >>
prevention process evaluation school, community adults, children/young people Portugal 1
Title: Tail Wind: A Subproject Of Lighthouse
Summary: The objective of the Finnish Health 2015 public heath programme is to develop co-operation between different authorities, schools, organisations, economic life, parents and youth to decrease alcohol and drug experimentation. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation school children/young people Finland 1
Title: Family Communication & Self-Esteem. Long Term Prevention of Drug & Alcohol Misuse.
Summary: A programme which focuses on parents as the primary educators and seeks to exploit the connection between prevention of drug misuse and family communication. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation family family/parents, adults Ireland 1
Title: Parents' Training
Summary: The programme aims to facilitate the parents' role within the family and to enable them to act as preventive agents actions against substance use. >>
prevention outcome evaluation community family/parents Greece 1
Title: Jugendline: A Peer-to-peer Consultancy Approach
Summary: "JugendLine" developed by the district of Hohenlohekreisis offers a multimedia consultancy service to young people provided by young people: The consultancy can take place via telephone, internet, fax or traditional post. It deals with young people's everyday life and their outlook on life. >>
prevention process evaluation family, party scene, school, community children/young people Germany 1
Title: JADD - Jobstown Assisting Drug Dependency
Summary: The overall purpose of JADD is to support drug users and their families and to assist drug users in re-integrating back into the community. >>
treatment process evaluation family/parents, adults Ireland 1
Title: A Toy-free Kindergarten
Summary: The goal of the working group was to develop a drug prevention project for kindergartens that dealt with the promotion of life skills. >>
prevention outcome evaluation school children/young people Germany 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 68 where Type of approaches is Family/first childhood

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