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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Young Net
Summary: The purpose of the project is to promote the development of personal and social skills by offering healthy alternatives for leisure time to adolescents and youngsters. This project was carried out at the Youth Club of the LPDM, integrated in the Bairro Casalinho da Ajuda. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation children/young people Portugal 1
Title: Drug services in prison and follow-up care
Summary: The Project works with problem drug users in conflict with law in prison and after release from prison in form of professional social consulting. The contact is established in prison and it helps to master the period of return from prison environment to normal life. >>
interventions in the criminal justice system outcome evaluation community, prison family/parents, adults, children/young people Czech Republic 1
Title: Integration Sports Programme for Immigrants' Children and Young People in Barcelona
Summary: Promotes integration and healthy lifestyles in immigrants' children and young community. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation children/young people Spain 1
Title: Exchange and Training Network
Summary: The network has been an innovative and pioneering network, promoting the exchange of practical and theoretical knowledge for professionals and organisations, working in the field of drug demand and drug harm reduction across EU. It has done this by using the synergy of its network and directing this to organise peer-training seminars (for and by professionals) and summer universities in different cities across different EU countries. >>
process evaluation general population European Commission 1
Title: Paco Nantera: Programme for Immigrant Minors
Summary: This is a residential programme targeting immigrant Magreb young people who arrive in Andalucia illegally, without any parents and who present behavioural problems. The programme promotes personal and social restructuring by teaching a variety of social language and educational skills. >>
prevention outcome evaluation family, school children/young people Spain 1
Title: SISU Sports Educators in Örebro: Mobilization against narcotics
Summary: Mobilisation against Drugs of the SISU Sports Educators Örebro was one of 39 popular education projects spread across 8 adult-educational associations nationwide which were part of the programme Folkbildning mot narkotika ('Popular Education against Drugs') in 2003-2004. The programme targets vulnerable neighbourhoods; creates and maintains a negative attitude towards drugs among young people, increasing knowledge about drugs among young people and adults, drawing attention to the drugs issue and mobilising local communities against drugs. >>
prevention process evaluation community children/young people Sweden 1
Title: The Arrazi Prevention Project
Summary: Education programme targeting Moroccan parents who have teenage sons who are at risk of using drugs. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Netherlands 1
Title: Search: Addiction Prevention for Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Summary: SEARCH was developed across 6 European countries (Germany, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Italy and Spain) to examine issues in addiction across refugee and asylum seeker groups. The project quantifies the drug related health problems of the target group and uses the RAR method (Rapid Assessment and Response). >>
prevention process evaluation party scene, school, community adults, children/young people Germany 1
Title: Kamelamos Guinar (meaning 'We want to be heard'). A programme for the prevention of drug addiction, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted disease among Gypsy children and teenagers
Summary: This is a specific programme to prevent drug use and HIV among Gypsy children and teenagers living in Santiago. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation community children/young people Spain 2
Title: ANABABA – Cocuklarimizi Güclendirelim ANABABA – Mam & Dad - Let's empower our children Addiction prevention with parents with migration background
Summary: The aim of ANABABA-project is to reach parents with Turkish migration background and to sensitise them to measures in the field of health promotion and addiction prevention. The information gained is supposed to be integrated in the upbringing of the children and to help avoiding the development of addictive behaviour of the children. Activities included the production of a film together with parents, children and juveniles with Turkish descent. Within the framework of this film, that is not consistent with a common presentation or educational film, important messages concerning the promotion of protective factors and risk competence were prepared for parents with Turkish migration background in an interesting and acceptable form. During presentations (of about four hours) for different socioeconomic Turkish groups (e.g. associations, mosques, women's afternoon teas etc.), the film is shown by moderators with Turkish language skills who are accepted in the Turkish community. In the following discussion and reflection, which was moderated by accepted members of the Turkish community, participants were enabled to use the information they received for their everyday life (of upbringing). Furthermore, parents, who were present at the presentations, can take home the DVD with booklet and information-brochure. The results of the external evaluation confirm that the informative meetings were able to influence participating parents' established attitudes concerning the development and maintenance of addiction significantly. Transfer-analysis (after 12 months) showed that the participants remember relevant issues, especially those concerning children's upbringing but not those in the field of addiction prevention. The participants were not able to remember the existence of a connection between the way of upbringing and the development or maintenance of addiction. The majority of the participants are of the opinion that the presentations are suitable to offer knowledge to parents with a migration background. The presentations' program might be changed concerning the amount of information (not too much) and topics might be presented more simple. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation family, community family/parents, children/young people Vorarlberg/Austria 2

Displaying results 1–10 of 13 where Type of approaches is Ethnic

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