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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Local Point of Reception and Information for Party Drug Users
Summary: The local point of reception, information and referral for party drug users aims to reduce the risks related to drug-use in this public. It aims to improve users' knowledge and tries to induce behaviour's changes on the related risks, by providing information on the content of the products and the risks related to that products. >>
harm reduction evaluation of intervention planning, process evaluation low threshold service adults Belgium 1
Title: Soilse: Social Reintegration and Vocational Rehabilitation of Drug Misuse
Summary: Established in 1992 to provide a service to those wishing to rehabilitate themselves from addiction to mood-altering substances. Soilse seeks to reintegrate former drug users into society. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation family/parents, adults Ireland 1
Title: The MEAM Approach (by Making Every Adult Matter)
Summary: The MEAM Approach was designed by Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM), a coalition of four national charities (Clinks, DrugScope, Homeless Link and Mind) that are working together to improve policy and services for adults facing multiple needs, such as mental ill health, homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse, offending, family breakdown and exclusion. The MEAM Approach helps local areas design and deliver better coordinated services so that people with multiple needs can improve their wellbeing and reduce costs to the public purse. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation, impact evaluation adults United Kingdom 2
Title: GRÜNER KREIS: A Treatment Facility For Adolescents
Summary: Gruner Kreis a treatment facility for adolescents - An institution devoted to the rehabilitation and integration of people suffering from addiction. "Grüner Kreis" also provides special treatment for addicted parents and their children in a separate institution. >>
treatment outcome evaluation children/young people Austria 1
Title: Dependence Treatment Unit 18 ANO: Social Rehabilitation Centre
Summary: The centre constitutes the third and last phase of the Drug Dependence Treatment Unit 18 ANO and is probably the most crucial part of the therapeutic procedure. This phase aims at helping the patient to organise his/her life on a new basis by giving new content, values, meaning and goals.. The main objective is to prevent any relapses by providing the clients with continued assistance in order to integrate themselves into society. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: Work and Autonomy
Summary: The purpose of this project is to support people to return to work after they have completed drug rehabilitation and training programmes, it offers an employment skills course which is also supported by individual counselling. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation adults Italy 1
Title: InPar
Summary: "InPar" was an experimental project at national level in the area of Professional and Social Reintegration aimed at people who use drugs, targeted by Outreach Teams, in close cooperation between Harm Reduction and Professional and Social Reintegration. Our objective was to highlight the facilitating factors and obstacles in this process of integration and identifying good practices/recommendations for future projects. The project developed two main activities: Integration of Drug Users as Peer Workers and Evaluation & Research of the drug users reintegration process in the labor market. >>
social reintegration evaluation of intervention planning, outcome evaluation, process evaluation pre-professional training. supervision/consultancy. Portugal 2
Title: Open Therapeutic Programme DIAVASSI: Social Reintegration Programme
Summary: Established in order to cover the professional and wider psychosocial needs of those individuals who have completed the main therapeutic phase of the Open Programme "DIAVASI" (Day and Evening Community). It also covers the need for support of those individuals who have dropped out from other therapeutic. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: Ringsend And District Response To Drugs
Summary: Helps recovering drug addicts reintegrate into the community and find job opportunities >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation family/parents, adults Ireland 1
Title: Pilot Programme for Individual Social Reintegration Allowance
Summary: A service offering individual allowances for users of different programmes in the Community Assistance Service for drug-addicted individuals (then known as "SPOTT"). The main therapeutic objective of this programme was to achieve social reintegration of former drug addicts. >>
social reintegration outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Spain 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 33 where Type of intervention is Education

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