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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Merchants Quay Ireland Methadone Prescribing Service
Summary: The service was set up in 1996 to provide methadone detoxification and maintenance for clients with the purpose of reducing the harmful effects of long term drug use. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Ireland 2
Title: Substitution Treatment Unit A of Thessaloniki
Summary: The aim of this programme is the demand reduction of opiates, the improvement of physical health, the re-establishment of social and family relations and the development of professional skills. Alongside the methadone prescription, psychosocial support is also provided. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: Intervention Programme for High-risk Drug Addicted Pregnant Women.
Summary: The project improves the follow up of pregnant women attending the centre and reduces drug related harm on the women and their babies. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults, children/young people Spain 1
Title: Substitution Treatment Unit B of Athens
Summary: The direct objective of the programme is harm reduction from drug use and methadone substitution is only one of the interventions in an intergraded programme, which also includes medical, psychiatric, psychosocial, and social support. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: Pilot Programme For The Collaboration Between The Community Assistance Service For Drug Addicts And The Pharmacologists' Official Body
Summary: The general objective of the programme is to increase the efficacy of detoxification treatments carried out at Community Assistance Centres for drug addicts, in order to decrease risks and harm related to drug abuse. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Spain 1
Title: Networks of hosting families for drug addicts (national description)
Summary: This project allows drug addicts to live with a host family as a means of rehabilitation. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults France 1
Title: JADD - Jobstown Assisting Drug Dependency
Summary: The overall purpose of JADD is to support drug users and their families and to assist drug users in re-integrating back into the community. >>
treatment process evaluation family/parents, adults Ireland 1
Title: CARP: (Community Addiction Response Programme) Killinarden
Summary: CARP provides a wide range of services to drug users, their families and the wider community with the overall purpose of integration into the community. One of the main services is the provision of prescription methadone maintenance >>
treatment process evaluation family/parents, adults, children/young people Ireland 1
Title: PLEXUS: A Daytime Programme For Drug Users Under Methadone Or Other Substitutive Pharmaceutical Treatment.
Summary: Offers support, orientation and counselling services in order to improve quality of life and motivate for abstinence. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Italy 1
Title: Merchants Quay Ireland: Settlement and Reintegration programme
Summary: The programme was developed in order to assist former drug users who have been through residential treatment and are experiencing difficulty accessing mainstream education, training and employment opportunities. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation adults Ireland 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 47 where Type of intervention is Pharmacologically assisted treatment

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