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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: ERLENHOF: An Inpatient Treatment Centre For Addicts
Summary: The treatment facility Erlenhof offers abstinence-orientated drug treatment for 25 drug-addicts and accepts couples and clients' children. The overall purpose of the treatment centre is to help drug addicts regain a drug-free, self-determined and socially integrated life. This is done within 5 modules which are offered according to individual needs. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation inpatient family/parents, adults Austria 1
Title: Substitution Treatment Unit A of Thessaloniki
Summary: The aim of this programme is the demand reduction of opiates, the improvement of physical health, the re-establishment of social and family relations and the development of professional skills. Alongside the methadone prescription, psychosocial support is also provided. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: Substitution Treatment Unit B of Athens
Summary: The direct objective of the programme is harm reduction from drug use and methadone substitution is only one of the interventions in an intergraded programme, which also includes medical, psychiatric, psychosocial, and social support. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: Intervention Programme for High-risk Drug Addicted Pregnant Women.
Summary: The project improves the follow up of pregnant women attending the centre and reduces drug related harm on the women and their babies. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults, children/young people Spain 1
Title: A Treatment Programme For Chronic Cannabis Users
Summary: This is a specially designed 6-week outpatient cognitive treatment programme for chronic cannabis users. The treatment and counselling are voluntary and between 40 and 50 chronic cannabis users receive treatment on an annual basis. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults, children/young people Sweden 1
Title: Therapeutic Programme EXODOS: Counselling Centre of Nea Ionia, Volos (Central Greece)
Summary: The primary objective of the Centre is to inform and motivate drug users in order to enroll into therapy. Moreover, it aims at harm reduction, since most of the clients are liable to high risk behaviours. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: North West Lancashire Day Reintegration Service
Summary: Seeks to provide a holistic approach to drug users who wish to reduce their drug use and ultimately reach abstinence. The project provides a range of services and supports positive behavioural changes by working with drug users, their families and the community. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults United Kingdom 1
Title: JADD - Jobstown Assisting Drug Dependency
Summary: The overall purpose of JADD is to support drug users and their families and to assist drug users in re-integrating back into the community. >>
treatment process evaluation family/parents, adults Ireland 1
Title: PLEXUS: A Daytime Programme For Drug Users Under Methadone Or Other Substitutive Pharmaceutical Treatment.
Summary: Offers support, orientation and counselling services in order to improve quality of life and motivate for abstinence. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Italy 1
Title: Therapy For Parents And Children At Grüner Kreis
Summary: As one of the few stationary facilities for long-term therapy, special treatment for addicted parents and their children is also provided in a separate institution, the "Eltern-Kind-Haus"("parent-child-house"). Ever since its foundation "Grüner Kreis" has been working to fill a gap by giving parents suffering from addiction the opportunity to undergo therapy together with their children. >>
treatment outcome evaluation family/parents, adults, children/young people Austria 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 75 where Type of intervention is Drug free treatment

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