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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Dialectic Behaviour Therapy For Female Borderline Patients With And Without Substance Use Problems
Summary: This study describes the difference in the dropout rate and drug use of dialectical behaviour therapy for female borderline patients with and without substance misuse problems. One year after treatment the dropout rate of participants in dialectical behaviour therapy was lower than for those who were involved in standard treatment. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Netherlands 1
Title: Inpatient Cue Exposure Therapy To Prevent Relapse Of Drug Abuse
Summary: The purpose of this study is to investigate if relapse rates of opiate addicts are reduced more substantially by cue exposure therapy compared to emotional coping skills training. The study takes place in a therapeutic community and results will be available during 2004. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Netherlands 2
Title: Young And Addicted: The Usefulness And Necessity Of Integrated, Intersectoral Inpatient Treatment
Summary: The evaluation study looks at the effectiveness of treatment for young people aged between 13 and 18 in Bauhuus in the region of Groningen. >>
treatment outcome evaluation children/young people Netherlands 1
Title: Substitution Treatment Unit A of Athens
Summary: The programme is designed for those IV heroin users whose needs were so far unmet by other programmes. The programme's objectives are defined as follows: abstinence, harm reduction, high quality medical and psychosocial services, and rehabilitation. Methadone substitution is only one of the interventions in an intergraded programme, which also includes medical, psychiatric, psychosocial, and social support. >>
treatment outcome evaluation adults Greece 1
Title: GRÜNER KREIS: A Treatment Facility For Adolescents
Summary: Gruner Kreis a treatment facility for adolescents - An institution devoted to the rehabilitation and integration of people suffering from addiction. "Grüner Kreis" also provides special treatment for addicted parents and their children in a separate institution. >>
treatment outcome evaluation children/young people Austria 1
Title: Lukasfeld: Short Term Therapy for Young Illegal Drug Addicts
Summary: A short term therapy programme targeted at young addicts with a short addiction career. The service aims to improve the life quality of the clients; more specifically, to strengthen the life-skills and to teach alternative strategies for coping with life problems by offering individual and group psychotherapy and to support social integration. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults, children/young people Austria 2
Title: Samtun: Between the Rainbow and the Black Holes
Summary: Sauherad Samtun is a therapeutic community offering a unique psychosocial approach and specialised alcohol and drug treatment. Treatment involves long-term residency followed by rehabilitation and follow-up over several support phases. Treatment is customized to accommodate individual ambitions and aims, and length of stay will therefore vary. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation adults Norway 1
Title: Frankmo Living Community
Summary: Frankmo Living Community is a residential treatment programme which helps participants to live a life free from drugs and crime. Evaluation results show that fifty seven percent of participants are living without drug abuse 5 years after discharge from the programme. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, impact evaluation adults, children/young people Norway 1
Title: Service for young drug users and their families
Summary: Since 2008 the Verein Dialog (Integrative Suchtberatung Gudrunstraße) provides a special service for young drug users and their families, which is separated from the traditional drug service and adapted to the specific needs of the target group. A comprehensive interdisciplinary clarification, care and treatment is provided to assure the survival of young people with risky drug use and to minimise possible harm by stabilising and - if possible - improving their health status and social situation. >>
treatment outcome evaluation, process evaluation outpatient family/parents, children/young people Austria 2
Title: Family Motivational Intervention (FMI).
Summary: For cannabis using patients with recent onset of schizophrenia, early intensive interventions are not working due to non-compliance and little insight of clients into their illness. Family Motivational Intervention was specifically developed for this target group. The intervention has an inpatient treatment phase (2 months) and a subsequent outpatient treatment (12 months). Target outcomes are: reduction of cannabis use; increasing medication compliance; increasing well-being among parents; decreasing stress within the family related to the schizophrenic disorder; and improving the communication between parent and child. In a randomized controlled trial, 98 carers of 75 patients with schizophrenia and co morbid cannabis use were assigned to either Family Motivational Intervention (FMI) or psychoeducation (PE). Baseline and follow-up measures by the patients and their caretakers were done by a researcher who was blinded for the allocated condition. The first follow-up measurements (3 months after the last session of FMI) show promising outcomes. The response was 94% in the FMI group and 78% in the PE group. For the patients, the response was 71% in the FMI group and 77% of the PE group. Compared with the PE group, the FMI group showed significant more decrease in mean days of cannabis use and in mean grams of cannabis use, both during the last three months. The groups did not differ significantly in the increase in compliance with medication. In both groups, carers (family members) significantly improved on all outcomes (burden of disease, style of coping and mental health). >>
treatment outcome evaluation outpatient, inpatient children/young people The Netherlands 3

Displaying results 1–10 of 75 where Type of intervention is Drug free treatment

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