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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: Traveller Specific Drugs Initiative
Summary: The overall aim of the initiative is the promotion of Traveller inclusion into the national, regional and local response being developed to address drug use and to support Traveller organisations in tackling the issue of drug use within the Traveller community >>
prevention process evaluation community general population, family/parents, adults, children/young people Ireland 1
Title: Between Houses
Summary: "Between Houses" is a preventive programme for children aged between 6 to <12 years; Teens > = 12 and <16 years; Young people > = 16 to 30 years; and parents. The programme promotes protective factors and reduces the risk factors through the Social Learning Theory, Theory Skills Training (values​​, expectations and behaviour patterns are defined by their culture and family is the normative group with more influence, then there can be change in attitudes when there is a contact with adults and with information on how to handle problem situations, attitudes can be improved with your workout successive) and Person Centred Approach and the Family. This symbiosis, and according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the individual is essential to work in different areas of life: individual, school, peer group, family and community, thus making it active in preventive process. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation school family/parents, children/young people Portugal 2
Title: Families First
Summary: Families First provides intensive support, where parental drug use has reached crisis point and children are at risk of being taken into care, to enable parents to change so that children can remain at home. >>
prevention outcome evaluation family/parents, children/young people United Kingdom 2
Title: Pre-Venture: Personality-targeted interventions for adolescent alcohol misuse.
Summary: Pre-Venture, a personality targeted cognitive behavioural intervention to reduce alcohol and drug misuse, was examined amongst school pupils aged 13 to 16. A reduction in problematic drinking rates and onset of drug use was reported. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation school children/young people United Kingdom 3
Title: FreD goes net in Cyprus
Summary: This programme targets first time offenders within the age range 14-24 who have been arrested for drug related offenses. They are refered by the Police to a course which motivates them to change their drug use habits and other high risk behaviors. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation community children/young people Cyprus 2
Title: Municipal Plan of Mértola for the Primary Prevention of Drug Addiction
Summary: Contributes to the development of social and personal skills in order to reduce the use of illegal drugs. >>
prevention process evaluation school, community adults, children/young people Portugal 1
Title: National Programme of Drugs Addiction Prevention
Summary: This project aims to offers recreational activities to young people who are at-risk. >>
prevention outcome evaluation community family/parents, children/young people Portugal 1
Title: Municipal Plan of Drug Addiction Prevention of Oliveira do Bairro: Building
Summary: This project consists of 5 actions and covers the areas of school, family, sport clubs and leisure time clubs and young people who have dropped out of school. The purpose of the projects are to address risk behaviours, to develop personal and social skills, to promote leisure times activities and to promote parental skills. >>
prevention outcome evaluation family, school, community family/parents, children/young people Portugal 1
Title: Energy Control (Information and Guidance for Youngsters in the Techno Scene)
Summary: Produces and disseminates information and guidance for young people participating in the techno scene in order to prevent drug abuse and eliminate or reduce the risks associated to it. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation party scene children/young people Spain 1
Title: Decubed -Safer Dancing Service
Summary: Provides information to people using nightclubs that will enhance their understanding of the risks associated with the consumption of drugs. >>
prevention process evaluation party scene adults, children/young people United Kingdom 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 73 where Type of intervention is Selective

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