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Project description Intervention type Evaluation type Setting Target group Country Quality level
Title: "Becoming Independence"
Summary: "Becoming independent" is a life skills programme aiming at the promotion of health and personality development as well as universal prevention of addiction and violence for pupils in grade 1 till 4. It seeks to achieve these goals through the training of social and intrapersonal skills basing on recommendations of the WHO. "Becoming independent" consists of 42 units (about 10 units per grade) which are implemented in class by special trained teachers. Its content is composed of three domains with units specially designed for the grades one and two or three and four, respectively: • “Me” comprising intrapersonal skills like self-awareness, • “Me and others” comprising social skills like effective communication and • “Me and my environment” which focuses on further skills like media-related critical thinking. Beside these general life skills, the programme also imparts substance-specific contents like health-related information on tobacco use and resistance skills. >>
prevention outcome evaluation school children/young people Germany 2
Title: Travelling exhibition with the aim of addiction prevention: have you got the hang of everything?
Summary: The aim of the exhibition is to draw the attention to all kind of addictive behaviour and to sensitize the visitors -mainly young people between 13 and 18 years -on the development of addiction and addiction prevention. The exhibition includes gender specific elements. >>
prevention process evaluation school, community children/young people Austria 1
Title: "Trilhos" - Personal and social skills development programme
Summary: The TRILHOS is a comprehensive programme of prevention and intervention in the school setting within a 3 years period, considering 4 components: informative, decision-making and problem-solving, emotional regulation and communication skills. Aims to reduce the number of students who start using tobacco, alcohol and cannabis before the age of 15. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation school children/young people Portugal 2
Title: Akran Projesi – Peer Support Project
Summary: The aim of the project is to mobilize student to share information with their peers and to support good role models at high schools. The project is run by Istanbul Police Department with the cooperation of education departments and municipalities in provinces of Istanbul. Leadership skills, non-drug user status and being popular student are the criterions for student selection. These students are trained on substances, consequences of substance use, impact of peer relationships and their role on their social environment. Besides providing information to their peers, these trained students also support conventional life styles at schools. >>
prevention outcome evaluation school children/young people Turkey 2
Title: Healthy Beverage Workshops (TBS). Programme to prevent drinking among middle school students.
Summary: The Healthy Beverage Workshops (TBS) programme, in place since 1996, is a municipal initiative implemented by the Comprehensive Drug Addiction Support Centre, a body under the aegis of the Coslada Town Hall Health and Consumer Affairs Division. >>
prevention evaluation of intervention planning, outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation school children/young people Spain 1
Title: Smoke Free Leitrim. A Smoking Prevention and Education Programme
Summary: Smoke Free Leitrim was a five year school-based smoking education project that commenced in 1996 and ended in June 2001. The project aimed to reduce the number of young people in County Leitrim who start to smoke. The evaluation suggests that long-term school-based anti-smoking interventions have little impact on smoking behaviour, especially amongst boys. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation school, community children/young people Ireland 1
Title: Programme for parental prevention of drug use.
Summary: The FAD's Programme for parental prevention of drug use is designed as a tool to encourage reflection on the importance of prevention within the family. >>
prevention process evaluation school family/parents Spain 1
Title: A La Carte Prevention. Interactive Prevention Programme On Risk Reduction
Summary: A prevention programme for youth centres which addresses risky behaviour and its implication. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, process evaluation community adults, children/young people France 1
Title: Check Who Drives
Summary: The purpose of this campaign is to reduce driving under the influence of drugs. Young drivers are targeted through driving schools and specific mass media campaigns. >>
prevention outcome evaluation, impact evaluation, process evaluation party scene, school, community adults, children/young people Germany 1
Title: LOL zonder alcohol (FUN without alcohol)
Summary: FUN without alcohol is a intervention to promote the non-use of alcohol and delay the age at onset of alcohol use with youngsters aged 10-12 years. The intervention consists of 8 lessons to be integrated in the normal curriculum of 3rd grade primary school pupils. Pupils as well as their parents can find more information on www.acoolworld.be. >>
prevention process evaluation school children/young people Belgium 1

Displaying results 1–10 of 185 where Type of intervention is Universal

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