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Drugnet Europe News from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction — April–June 2007

NFP success stories on working with the media

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At the EMCDDA Reitox Academy on relations with the media (see opposite), NFPs presented successful communication activities. Three of these 'success stories' are presented below.

Turkey: Broadcasting guidelines

Protecting TV viewers, particularly children, from undesirable audiovisual content is the focus of an ongoing project between the Turkish NFP and the National Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK). A handbook has been published in Turkish on 'The role of the audiovisual media in drugs and drug use' which includes a set of 20 guidelines for consideration by broadcasters, screenwriters and producers when creating drug-related programmes.

Hungary: Specialised journal of pharmacies

Raising awareness of syringe vending opportunities in pharmacies, and of how sterile kits can prevent communicable diseases, is the focus of an ongoing communication activity of the Hungarian NFP. The target media is the official monthly journal of the Hungarian Chamber of Pharmacists and Hungarian Association of Private Pharmacists (Pharmacy Magazine). Articles prepared by the NFP have been published on the journal’s website, providing facts on HCV infections among injecting drugs users and on the national availability of syringe exchange programmes.

Czech Republic: Drugs and TV

The Secretariat of the Czech Council of Drug Policy Coordination (including the NFP) was among the sponsors of an 'International discussion forum on drugs and TV', organised in 2007 by the Standing Commission for the media of the Czech Parliament and Corona Communications. A Czech–English publication, Drugs and TV, is now available with the results.
hana.drhovska[a]cor.cz. ISBN 978-80-903954-1-1. http://www.coronaseminars.cz/index-en.htm

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