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Drugnet Europe News from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction — April–June 2007

EMCDDA launches Best practice portal

In the coming weeks, the EMCDDA will launch the first version of its Internet portal on best practice in the fields of drug-related prevention, treatment, harm reduction and social reintegration. Focusing on the topic of universal prevention, and based on reviews published since 2000, this first version presents evidence on the extent to which universal prevention interventions are effective.

The portal project was conceived to meet the needs of professionals, policy-makers and researchers. It offers an array of tools and standards designed to improve the quality of interventions and highlight examples of evaluated practice across Europe. Also available are links to further information sources and a glossary to help guide the user through the portal.

The portal is divided into four sections:

  • evidence of efficacy;
  • tools for evaluating practices;
  • standards and guidelines for the implementation of practices; and
  • examples of evaluated practices (Exchange on Drug Demand Reduction Action — EDDRA).

Evidence of how interventions work in real-life conditions can be found in the new edition of the EDDRA databank, now available through the portal. In 2007, EDDRA was reviewed and reclassified by the national EDDRA managers and by the EMCDDA in a move to improve the system’s content and layout.

EDDRA is primarily designed to help professionals and policy-makers plan and implement interventions in response to drugs. The databank features examples of evaluated interventions in different countries and settings, thus helping to generate evidence of efficacy of demandreduction projects.

The EMCDDA’s recast regulation, which entered into force in 2007, prioritises the provision of information on best practice in the EU Member States and the exchange of such practice between them. The current EU drugs action plan (2005–08) also calls for the 'effective dissemination of evaluated best practices'.

Jennifer Hillebrand

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