Work programme 2007


In the 2007 work programme, attention has been given to providing greater detail and more transparency in describing planned activities, reflecting the output-oriented focus of the new three-year strategy. The 2007 activities reflect the need to streamline the EMCDDA’s objectives in order to cope effectively with current and expected budgetary constraints and with the priorities defined in the EU strategy and action plan on drugs. They also take into account the assessment by the Management Board members of the EMCDDA’s operational activities carried out in 2005. The work has been planned, bearing in mind the potential risk factors identified for the implementation of the triennial work programme. The likelihood of these risk factors affecting work in 2007 has been addressed in this document.

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Core business – monitoring and reporting on the drugs phenomenon
  • Supporting activities – improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Technical cooperation with candidate and third countries
  • Potential risk factors