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Drugnet Europe News from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction — October–December 2007

Monitoring data on drug treatment

Experts from around 30 European countries met in Lisbon from 24–25 September for their annual meeting to examine the profiles and characteristics of people seeking treatment for drug problems.

The EMCDDA’s treatment demand indicator (TDI) is one of the agency’s most established tools for monitoring the drug problem. The inaugural session focused on the state of progress of this indicator and dealt with issues of data-collection quality and methodology. Three workshops then examined topics that reflect the dynamic nature of treatment: polydrug use, new drugs (currently not covered by the TDI protocol) and the reference period for data collection.

The participants addressed how to improve the quality of data collected by treatment centres, notably by: refining definitions in the TDI protocol; collecting data from a wider range of centres; and linking information on treatment demand to that on treatment offer. National studies and a recent revision to the Addiction Severity Index were presented in a session on evaluating treatment outcome.

This year the meeting offered a session on the geographical analysis of treatment data. This included an introduction on Geographical Information Systems (GIS), featuring presentations from the EMCDDA, UNODC, Italy and Switzerland. See also documents relating to the meeting

Linda Montanari

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