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Drugnet Europe News from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction — October–December 2007

Treatment for cocaine problems

One indication of how cocaine use is impacting on public health is the rise in demand for treatment relating to the drug. In 2005, close to a quarter (22%) of all new demands for treatment in Europe were cocaine-related: a total of 33 027 clients, compared with 12 633 in 1999. High proportions of cocaine users among drug clients are reported by Spain and the Netherlands. These countries are also responsible for the majority of reports of cocaine treatment in Europe.

According to the report, treatment services are faced with offering care to a broad spectrum of clients: socially integrated recreational users, who consume cocaine along with alcohol or other drugs; users with opioid problems; and a limited number of highly marginalised crack cocaine users.

Around 400 deaths relating to cocaine use were registered in Europe in 2005. But health consequences of cocaine use are often not well detected in current reporting systems. This topic is examined in the Selected issue 'Cocaine and crack cocaine: a growing public health issue'.

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