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Drugnet Europe News from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction — October–December 2007

Time to acknowledge progress

'Europe’s drug problem still represents a serious challenge for health and social policy and for law enforcement, and it is never hard to find areas of the problem that arouse particular concern. Nonetheless, it is important to acknowledge progress where it has been made and to show where intelligent investments are paying dividends'. These were the words of EMCDDA Director Wolfgang Götz in his message launching the 2007 Annual report.

Mr Götz highlighted in particular that drug use has stabilised in a number of important areas, albeit at historically high levels. In some cases, there are even signs that merit cautious optimism — such as relatively stable levels of heroin and cannabis use and mostly low rates of HIV transmission among drug injectors. There had also been a dramatic increase in countries’ investment in prevention, treatment and harm-reduction activities and improved focus and cooperation in supply reduction. Furthermore, the EU is backing global actions to reduce drug problems by funding supply and demand reduction measures in third countries to the tune of at least € 750 million.

'Assessing progress is crucial right now as in Europe and internationally we enter a period of reflection on recent achievements', said the Director. In 2008, the EMCDDA will support the European Commission in its evaluation of the EU drugs action plan and will prepare a detailed assessment of the European drug situation to feed the UNGASS review process.

Drugnet Europe is the EMCDDA's newsletter launched in September 1996. The newsletter provides regular and succint information on the Centre's projects and activities to a broad readership.

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