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Health Questionnaire

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Author/Developer :

Brodman, K., Erdmann, A.J., Lorge, I., & Wolff, H.G. (1949). The Cornell Medical Index: An adjunct to medical interview. Journal of the American Medical Association, 140, 530-534. Kenneth Brodman, M.D.

Publication dates:


Description / Type of Assessment:

The HQ is a questionnaire consisting of 144 Yes/No items.

Primary use / Purpose:

The HQ was designed to provide a summary of presenting complaints and medical history.

Domains measured / Life Areas / Problems Assessed:

The physical symptom section of the scale is made up of 144 items grouped into 12 sections by body system or type of symptom.


The HQ is applicable to general and clinical populations.

Administration / Completion Time:

The HQ can be completed within 15 to 20 minutes.

Scoring Procedures:

HQ total physical symptom scores are obtained by summing the number of YES responses.

Scoring Time:

Around 5 minutes.


Not necessary.

Source of Psychometrics:

See relevant studies.



Availability / Inquiries:

Not specified.


The HQ is in the public domain.

Practicability / usefulness:

The Health Questionnaire provides a reliable and valid assessment of physical health. The inventory has been used effectively as an outcome measure. It can detect improvements in physical health following addictions treatment. The scale has been used with male and female adult and elderly samples from clinical and non-clinical populations, and with a variety of cultural samples.
The HQ is widely used as a clinical screening and as an epidemiological tool to assess the prevalence of somatic and emotional symptoms in a variety of populations.


As a relevant study, the user can find a resume of a meta-evaluation published by the Addiction Research Foundation on a review covering 12 studies about the HQ.



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