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Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Drug Policy Department

Via Po 16/A
I-00198 Roma
Tel. +39 0667796350
Fax +39 0667796843

Head of focal point: Mrs Elisabetta Simeoni
Email: e.simeoni[a]governo.it

Contact person: Mrs Silvia Zanone
Email: s.zanone[a]governo.it

By means of a decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 20 June 2008, the Drug Policy Department was set up at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and placed under the functional responsibility of the Prime Ministerial Under-secretary with delegated responsibility for drugs.
The work of the structure is to promote, guide and coordinate the Government’s initiatives aimed at combating the spread of drug and alcohol dependency as well as to promote cooperation with the competent public administrations in the sector, associations, therapeutic communities and welcome centres.
Within the Department is located the Italian Observatory on drugs and drug addiction, which is responsible for the collection, processing and interpretation of data and information of a statistical-epidemiological, pharmacological-clinical, and psychosocial nature and for documentation on the use, abuse, dealing and trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances.
The Department is also responsible for dealing with EU and international bodies operating in the sector. The Reitox Focal Point is an integral part of the Department’s technical and scientific division.

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