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AIDS Initial Assessment Jail Supplement

User Information

Author/Developer / Address:

Comprehensive Drug Research Center.
University of Miami
School of Medicine.
1400 NW 10th Avenue,
Suite 1105A
Miami, FL 33136

Publication dates:


Description / Type of Assessment:

Structured Interview.

Primary use / Purpose:

To elicit information on AIDS risk behaviours in which the client may have participated while incarcerated

Domains measured / Life Areas / Problems Assessed:

  1. Criminal History.
  2. Drug use.
  3. HIV/AIDS Risk behaviour.


Adolescents and adults in prisons and detention centres.

Administration / Completion Time:

30 to 45 minutes of interviewer or clinical staff time.

Scoring Procedures:

Since the instrument does not yield a numerical score, the interviewer or clinician administering this tool must be knowledgeable of the risks for HIV infection.

Scoring Time:

Less than 5 minutes.


Since the instrument is self-explanatory, there are no training costs.

Source of Psychometrics:




Availability / Inquiries:

Comprehensive Drug Research Center.


Since the AIDS Initial Assessment Jail Supplement is in the public domain, there is no cost for its reproduction and use.

Practicability / usefulness:

This is a useful tool in order to make the subjective decision whether a client is in need of AIDS prevention education and/or should be urged to have an AIDS test.

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