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Adolescent Drug Abuse Diagnosis - Feedback Form

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Author/Developer / Address:

Öberg, D., Sallmen, B. & McMurphy, S.
Karlsvik Rehab. Center, box 198, S-243 23 Höör, Sweden

Publication dates:

Version 1. 1998-06-01.

Description / Type of Assessment:

Structured client feedback on ADAD - interview.

Primary use / Purpose:

Clinical use. Method for structured feedback on the ADAD-interview to both client and co-workers. Condensation of the interview for comprehensive archives. Facilitating interviewer severity ratings

Domains measured / Life Areas / Problems Assessed:

The nine problem areas of the ADAD and a global assessment of total severity of problems.


Clients within different sectors of care, for example: youth care social services, prison and probation, drug and alcohol treatment, psychiatric care and somatic care

Administration / Completion Time:

Interactive feedback, 15 minutes

Scoring Procedures:


Scoring Time:

Interview 10 minutes


2 hours training for interviewers, previous knowledge in ADAD -methodology

Source of Psychometrics:



English, Dutch/Flemish and Swedish

Availability / Inquiries:

David Oberg, tel: +31-43-343 86 26, e-mail: davidoberg@rocketmail.com
Bjorn Sallmen, tel: +46-413-297 15, e-mail: bjorn_salmen@yahoo.com
Homepage: www.homestead.com/projectmaps (for downloading of forms)


Free of charge for registered users

Practicability / usefulness:

Facilitates summarization, feedback and storage of the ADAD interview.


The instrument is adapted for maximising the clinical usage of the ADAD and has mainly four purposes:
1. To facilitate the interviewer's rating:
2. To facilitate summarizing the interview:
3. To structure feed-back to the client:
4. The global ratings, developed using the entire set of questions in the ADAD interview, are intended to provide a comprehensive view as well as identify those associations and patterns which express themselves in the client's total problem picture.


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