Cannabis problems in context: understanding the increase in European treatment demands

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The extent and nature of problems found within populations of European cannabis consumers remain unclear. Also unclear is the extent to which statistical information on increasing demands for treatment reflects changes in reporting and referral practice as opposed to increases in the number of individuals requiring help. To answer these questions we have to place cannabis treatment demands in the broader perspective of changing consumption patterns in Europe, the evolution and development of reporting systems and even a consideration of the changing nature of the drug itself. These matters are addressed in this Selected issue on cannabis problems in context, the aim of which is to facilitate a more informed debate on the potential public health impact of this most common of all forms of illicit drug use.

Table of contents

  • The legislative context: legal status of cannabis in Europe
  • Physical, psychological and developmental problems associated with cannabis use
  • Cannabis use and the measurement of problems
  • Trends in treatment demands for cannabis problems
  • Cannabis in the general population: from experimental to daily use
  • Cannabis potency and dose issues
  • Responding to the needs of those with cannabis-related problems

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