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Drugnet Europe News from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction — July–September 2007

External evaluation update: fieldwork in full swing

The independent evaluation of the EMCDDA, launched in January 2007, is now reaching the end of its second phase. Following a preparatory phase in the spring centring on methodology and discussions with staff, the second fieldwork phase is now focusing on internal and external surveys and an interview programme involving staff and key stakeholders.

An interim report on the evaluation' progress was presented to the steering committee in Brussels at the end of May. Fieldwork is now in full swing. The Reitox national focal points have been surveyed and most have been interviewed on a face-to-face basis in their countries. Where possible, the national interview programmes included meetings with members of the EMCDDA statutory bodies (Management Board, Scientific Committee). The evaluators have also made several visits to Lisbon to interview the agency staff and to brief the statutory bodies and the Reitox network on progress.

Key stakeholders (MEPs, policy-makers, EMCDDA experts, international partners, etc.) have been surveyed and an interview programme is underway. The target audience survey (via Drugnet Europe) has yielded satisfactory results. Furthermore, a quality assessment of EMCDDA publications and scientific outputs has been launched in the form of a review by an academic panel. A benchmarking exercise with other EU agencies (e.g. OSHA, EEA, Dublin Foundation) has also commenced.

Phase 2 will be concluded over the summer and the results fed into a draft final report in early September. The final evaluation report will be presented to the EMCDDA Management Board in December 2007.

Drugnet Europe is the EMCDDA's newsletter launched in September 1996. The newsletter provides regular and succint information on the Centre's projects and activities to a broad readership.

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