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Public health unit

The ‘Public health’ unit merged the ‘Prevalence, data management and content coordination’ unit (EPI) and the ‘Consequences, responses and best practices’ unit (IBS).

The mission of the new unit will be to coordinate the contribution of the Agency to a healthier Europe. This duty will be achieved by ensuring that the work done on maintaining and further developing the coverage, quantity, quality and comparability of the data collected, serve the purpose of providing support to European and national decision-makers and to professionals working in the drugs field.

Public health (HEA) unit
Head of unit Jane Mounteney
Administrative support agent Sofia Costa Cabral
Administrative support agent Marisa Gomes
Coordinator resources harm reduction Dagmar Hedrich
Coordinator EPI Julián Vicente
Support to policy sector
Head of sector Liesbeth Vandam
Principal policy analyst Danilo Ballotta (1)
Principal scientific analyst — TDI, treatment and social exclusion Linda Montanari
Principal scientific analyst — national legislation, ELDD Brendan Hughes
Scientific analyst/writer — drug policy Eoghan Quigley
Professional analyst/writer — drug markets and drug related crime Nicola Singleton
Analytical hub
Head of sector Andre Noor
Principal scientific analyst — health and social responses Alessandro Pirona
Principal scientific analyst — health consequences Isabelle Giraudon
Scientific analyst — drug use and the drug problem João Matias
Scientific analyst — drug use and the drug problem Thomas Seyler
Scientific assistant Luis Royuela
Scientific agent Bruno Guarita
Scientific agent Eleni Kalamara
Scientific agent Federica Mathis
Suport to practice sector
Head of sector Marica Ferri
Principal scientist evidence and knowledge transfer Lucas Wiessing
Principal scientific analyst — prevention Gregor Burkhart
Scientific analyst economic analysis Cláudia Costa Storti
Scientific agent — best practice Alessandra Bo

(1)Shared assignment with Reitox unit.

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